Adorable Furbabies, June 8th thru the18th

Good morning everyone and Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there. Hope you all are enjoying a lazy, relaxing Sunday.

Been busy again so this post is a few days later than I wanted to post, but hey, I’m including MORE cute pics of the furbabies! 🙂

I find that I only have about an hour in the early mornings to get any scrapbooking done, and that is usually during Jasmine and Shelby’s nap time, which they love to take together in the doorway.

Little Miss Shelby is making more appearances on our bed.

Here they are waiting for meal time.

The pups must have worn Penny out because she’s like “I’m done!”

Mr. Jackson kind of stays out of the way and just “watches” the babies

Here’s Shelby on that bed again!

The girls wore out this blue rope so bad that I ended up having to throw it away. But before it became trash, it was still a treasure for a little while and they had a blast!

Again, Mr. Jackson just watching the whole thing!

When Shelby isn’t on our bed, she’s in my husband’s lap. She sure does love her daddy!

Shelby also discovered the ottoman!

And the couch!

Now its snack time!

Watching for the mailman together with big sissy

Jackson is ready for bed! We can usually find him in the girls’ area at night, with or without them. LOL

Just enjoying the outdoors

Shelby found our bed again!

Miss Jasmine being a sweetie outside

We moved the baby gate over to the other side of the office, giving the girls both their doggie area AND my office available at night. During the day, they like to play with the gate. LOL. And so does Jackson!

Mr. Jackson watching them play

Shelby needs 3 toys at once! LOL

Look at that sweet face!

Mr. Jeffrey!

Came out of the shower one night to find this. ALL FOUR OF THEM! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I took a nap and hubby said they were playing quietly. LOL. Yeah…quiet all right. Tore up their puppy bed! But hey, that’s why you only spend $15 at burke’s Outlet!

And last but not least, pretending to be innocent, despite bringing in a stick from outside to chew on.

TFL and until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

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