Adorable Furbabies – June 19th thru the 27th

Good afternoon everyone! I’ve got quite a bit of super cute and adorable pics of the furbabies, especially Jackson! So let’s get started!

Jackson LOVES his tree!

While Jackson is up in his favorite tree, Miss Penny has been snoozing away!

After she gets her nap in, its Puppy School for the babies!

Miss Shelby sitting so pretty!

The “twins” are getting into the habit of dragging their beds all over the place.

Jasmine hanging out with me in my scrap room

“Sure, Mom, I’ll be good…”

Shelby is a happy girl!

Hubby installed a ceiling fan in the office this past weekend. He had SUPERVISORS!

Jasmine playing with a toy

Discovering a frog for the first time!

Mr. Jackson being silly in the chair

Miss Penny looking pretty in the morning sun

Mr. Jeffrey!

Li’l Shelby getting chest scratches from daddy

And last but not least…..the evening nap!

Until next time, bark and meow on!


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