Adorable Furbabies, July 7th thru July 18th

Good morning everyone! I’m back with another dose of adorableness!

We begin with Little Jasmine looking so sweet at the vet’s office. The day after the 4th of the July, she ended up getting a UTI. Poor baby, she wasn’t feeling well at all, but managed to still look so cute while I took pics! She’s all better now!


After we got back home, she snuggled with her little monkey.

But within a few days, she was her happy self!

The babies are still pretty inseperable. Its super cute when they are so close together on a baby bed. Sisterly Love!

Shelby likes to get into the tub…when its NOT bath time.

She wants Jackson to join her!

Always trying to find that PERFECT toy!

Just look at that squishy face?!?!

So sweet! Trying to chew on the same bone!

Mr. Jackson loves climbing trees to get to those birds better!

Jasmine says HI!

Shelby loves to take selfies!

Jackson loves his Shelby!

After playtime, its chill time in the toy box!

The pups aren’t supposed to be up on the recliners/couches. But couldn’t resist taking her picture.

Happy Jasmine!

Playtime with kitty after breakfast

Will you rub her belly?

Shelby says HELLO!

Again, no pups in the recliners! But I took a nap and woke up to this! Cute isn’t she?

Jasmine loves to smile!

And Shelby loves to chew on sticks!

Sweet Jackson snuggling up with me

There’s that sweet Jasmine smile again!

The girls love to sleep close to each other.

Homemade doggie fro-yo! Yum!

Kitty/Puppy kisses before bedtime ❤

Sweet Jackson getting ready for bed too

My handsome boy! ❤

The girls had fun destroying a Christmas Toy from 2 years ago. Stuffing! Yay!

The whole family is watch-doggin!

They still love to chew on the same toy together

And last but not least, check out sweet Shelby’s smile!

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂


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