Adorable Furbabies – August 16th thru the 31st

Good morning all! Seems like forever since I’ve posted. I had pictures ready to go last week, but due to Hurricane Harvey, things got put on hold. My heart goes out to all who are still dealing with him – flooding, no power, no water, etc. #StayTexasStrong

The puppies continue to grow – they are 50 lbs already! Yet still so very cute!

Shelby wants to know whatcha doing!

I brought out the elevated dishes, thinking they were ready. Not quite. They were very curious, but didn’t want to eat out of them. Plus, height-wise, they are about an inch too short. Maybe next month!

I love how they sleep together. Sisterly love! ❤

I took Jeffrey to the vet early in the week last week. He was very sluggish and very grouchy. A cyst growing near his gum line had grown larger and I was very concerned. He was scheduled for surgery the following day. He wasn’t a happy camper, as you can tell. We are waiting to see if cyst is benign or not. Lets hope so!

Speaking of Hurricane Harvey, Corpus Christi fared well, so to speak, compared to other cities/communities. We had branches down and only a part of our fence blown over. We were very lucky.

The babies helped with clean up

Mr. Jackson wasn’t very happy being stuck in the house during the storm. I’d rather have him MAD than MISSING. He also doesn’t look happy about his fence either.

Shelby’s been very needy and thinks she’s still a lap dog!

The puppies were happy to see the sun starting to come up.

We have a friend staying with us until his house gets power. Until then, the babies get extra love!

All 3 girls watchdoggin’. Its hard to tell, but it looks like they are all the same size too!

Last but not least, Shelby wants to thank all who are donating to help save the pets who have also been affected by Hurricane Harvey!

Until next time, bark and meow on!

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