Adorable Furbabies – September 2017

Good afternoon everyone! The furkids are being as cute as ever, so lets begin!

Mr. Jackson has been spending more time outside, enjoying the semi-cooler temps and less humidity!

The babies have been naughty and they can now jump over their gate, so hubby was working on getting that raised a bit higher. And they watched. LOL

Look at Shelby’s sweet smile!


Mr Jeffrey is all smiles too!


Even though they are 7 months old now, Jasmine and Shelby still lay close to each other. Its very sweet!

Miss Penny is keeping an eye on Jasmine, playing with a rope toy


Miss Shelby has to bring a toy to our bedroom when she goes in there. LOL. This time, it was a rope!

Shelby might be over 50 lbs now, but she still wants to climb in Daddy’s lap!

The babies have also been naughty! Pulling stuffing out of a doggie bed, playing in the litter box, and putting all their weight on their gate to knock it over!

Speaking of being over 50 lbs, Shelby also takes up alot of room on our bed too!

But just look at those sweet faces!

And last but not least, I managed to get all four dogs in one shot!


Until next time, bark and meow on!

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