Adorable Furbabies, Sept 22nd thru Oct 13th

Good morning everyone!! I have tons of photos to share with today, as I’m falling behind in sharing! So let’s get started!

Jasmine and Shelby are starting to really get into “hopping on our bed” when we are in there. Just look at those cutie pies!

When we had company a few weeks ago (aka Max and Bella), Jackson made himself scarce. So when they left, you can tell he was happy to be back home!

Shelby was happy too. She got to hang out with her favorite kitty!

Miss Penny was exhausted from Max and Bella’s visit. When they left, she could finally get some sleep!

I was able to get some scrapping in and saw this adorable moment. All four pups passed out in my room! So sweet!

Shelby being a cutie pie!

Jackson was outside, hanging out by the window and Shelby was watching him.

Jackson loves his tree!

The puppies are now coined “crazy monkey puppy babies” because they are constantly getting into things, breaking stuff and now….eating my house!

But just look at this sweet face! How could you be mad at li’l Jasmine?

Jeffrey got to go for a long car ride, to visit my grandparents. He loved it!

Afterwards, he passed out! Quickly!

Jasmine loves dirt! Just look at that face!

After the girls have breakfast, they have “quiet time”.

Last Friday, Penny had her well ness exam/shots. She usually freaks out and gets SUPER nervous about car rides, leaving the car, the vet, everything! So I had given her her calming chews a few minutes before leaving, on top of calming ointment on her nose, calming spray on her blanket/collar/leash and she wears a calming collar. Whew! She did great on the way over!

She got out of the car and just froze. Curled up into a ball and FROZE. Went from a 60 lb dog to an 80 lb dog. So I had to slowly drag her bit by bit to get her in the door. But by the time she saw Cindy at the front desk, all was good!

Little nervous in the exam room

But then calm after shots. She did great! Had to have a dental the following Tuesday

While I was gone, I had put the babies in their room and in 30 mins, they got out. Check out what they did to their gate!

What did I say? Crazy monkey puppy babies!

And get this! Hubby and I went to Home Depot to get stuff to build a more sturdier “gate” (its more like a half wall) and they tore up a book!

While hubby was working on it, check out these cute pics! Now who can be mad at these babies!

Even Jeffrey and Penny wanted to say HI!

Later, Jazzy got lovin’ from her daddy! ❤ ❤

More quiet time!

And last but not least, Penny’s dental. She was upset that she was going back to the vet so soon, but after we got her back home, just check out that pretty smile!

Until next time, bark and meow on!


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