Adorable Furbabies, November 2017

Hello everyone. As you saw from my previous post, I’ve been MIA this month and things have finally calmed down as we grieve over our loss of our sweet boy. I managed to get a few pics of him before he fell ill, which those will be cherished always.

To start with, though, are pics of Shelby chewing on a toy, and ultimately pulling some fuzz out.

Jeffrey was put on new arthritic medicaiton and it was doing wonders for him!

Jackson sure does look like a KING up on that fence!

Right before Halloween, we ended up with all four doggies on their beds in the living room. It was super sweet

Found Jazzy chomping away on the grass, while laying in it!

Jackson LOVES hanging out with the babies!

For Halloween they all got treats and toys! Unfortunetly, Mr. Jeffrey didn’t want anything that day….

Later that day, they went to bed, on the same big doggie bed.

Shelby loves her kitty!

Speaking of Jackson, he loves to snuggle with me when I have a blanket.

Penny turned 5 years old November 8th. We didn’t get to celebrate until later (scroll down for party pics), but hubby let her lick the Chunky Monkey B&J’s container! What a treat!

Shelby wants to know what I’m doing!

With us saying goodbye to Mr. Jeffrey, Miss Penny Lane was extremely mopey for a few days and just looked super sad most of the day. It really broke our hearts

Jazzy is really enjoying sitting in daddy’s chair while he is at work. Just look at that face! ❤

Jazzy got the couch before Shelby did!

Shelby loves to give Jackson kisses, even when he’s in my lap!

Selfie time with Jazzy!

Found both pups napping on our bed one day!

Even Jackson likes to take selfies


The night before Thanksgiving, we decided to bring the babies into our room. Took a while to get them settled, but it was funny seeing Penny and Jackson watch them get ready for bed. LOL

Jazzy has her daddy pinned!

Since I was ill and recuperating for 3 weeks (with Thanksgiving in the middle of that time period), my parents, brother and sis in law brought Thanksgiving to us. We had some visitors!

The next day, Black Friday, we celebrated Miss Penny’s birthday. She enjoyed her dessert and snacks. Toys…eh..she let the babies have them! 😉

The babies are still using their elevated dishes like big girls!

By the 3rd night, the babies settled into bed like PROs!

With being the big girl in charge, Penny is exhausted!

Whenever my husband is sitting down in his chair, Jazzy will take that opportunity and jump in his lap for love!

Jazzy is a busy girl who loves ROPE toys!

Mr. Jackson is enjoying the new fence that was put in a couple of weeks ago:

Here’s Jazzy trying to get my attention!

Miss Penny soaking up the sun

And last but not least, Mr. Jackson bird-watching

Until next time, bark and meow on!

One comment on “Adorable Furbabies, November 2017

  1. So much adorableness!! I love it! And I think I can actually see the babies get bigger throughout the month lol. Such sweet pics of all of them. And I’m glad you got those wonderful pics of Mr. Jeffrey. RIP sweet boy.

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