Adorable Furbabies, December 2017, Week One

Good afternoon everyone! My furbabies have been having tons of fun the past several days.

Here’s the babies “refueling” after a full day of FUN!


Miss Shelby likes to hang out under my desk in my office.


Last week, they decided to tear into a very old (11 yrs old at least) crate bed.


I was getting ready for bed one night when Shelby popped her head up to say HI!


On a warm sunny day last week, Jasmine brought a toy outside and pulled the stuffing out, while Jackson watched.

Shelby being Shelby! LOL


We were w/out Internet for about 28 hrs and the babies had to stay in their room on Friday afternoon while the tech was here. They stayed busy with toys and bones.

Hubby was out of town for work for a few days, but came home on Friday night. Just look at the LOVE!

Mr. Jackson keeping me warm and cozy


And then he’s silly under his wedge.


Last Saturday, he had a vet appt for his shots. He did great, despite not being happy about going into his carrier


Later that evening, Shelby was curious as to what hubby was doing. Just look at that little face!


Sunday as I was putting away some clothes, the girls looked SO cute! Stair steps!


I did some scrapping on Sunday too. The girls stayed busy with toys and bones.

On Monday, Shelby was looking at me like “hey…why don’t you take a break from work already mom!”


Jackson is looking quite handsome! ❤


Later on that same day, Miss Shelby decided to pull stuffing out of her and Jazzy’s baby bed!

While Shelby was being silly, Penny got to lick the ice cream container clean! Yummy!

Smile big, Shelby!

Jazzy missed her daddy

Penny says no pictures!


I barely made the bed when Miss Shelby decided to claim it as her own!


Mr. Jackson watching us dry the babies off after coming from outside


Miss Penny isn’t happy that the rain hasn’t stopped and its cold outside. She’s my warm, summer sunshine girl!


I ordered new beds yesterday, taking advantage of PetCo’s Day 6 Deal (beds up to 60%). They came in today and just look at the babies checking them out and ultimately, napping on them!

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

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