Adorable Furbabies, December Week 4

Good morning everyone! Can’t believe 2018 is just around the corner. Boy did the year go fast! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. My furbabies sure did. Check out the adorableness!

On Friday, we came home after running some errands and found all the girls posing. Makes you say AWE! ❤ ❤


Saturday was spent wrapping, wrapping AND wrapping! And I had a very nosy doggie named Shelby!

Jazzy spent her evening sleeping on my husband in the chair. It was sooo sweet!

After all the wrapping, decorating and prepping for Christmas Eve, Miss Penny was throwing in the towel by 4pm!


On Christmas Eve, we let the babies have one of their gifts. A giant tennis ball! They had a BLAST!

On Christmas Day, they got to open the rest of the goodies! Treats and toys galore!

They sure loved their toys!

Miss Penny wanted to open her presents in our bedroom and chew in piece.

Mr. Jackson got spoiled too!

Lots of playtime was to be had the next few days.

On Tuesday, they were all in chill-mode!


Miss Shelby loves to climb in her daddy’s lap. She thinks his fingers are tasty!

Last but not least, Mr. Jackson loves it when I have a blanket over me. He loves to snuggle too!


Until next time, bark and meow on! Happy New Year everyone!

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