Adorable Furbabies, Jan 17th thru Jan 31st

Good morning all! Can’t believe January is almost over with and February kicks off tomorrow! So let’s get started!

Shelby STILL likes to get into my lap and take a selfie. Despite being almost a year old.


Pups are needing to “recharge” after playtime


Shelby spies another kitty outside!

Jackson says HI


The pups received peanut butter and yogurt “lollipops” for Christmas and they finally got to try them out. We are calling them “Lollipaws”. Yummy

Mr. Jackson loves being held and getting attention

The sun finally made an appearance last week, allowing Miss Penny to soak it up.


The babies being sweet, sleeping next to each other

Shelby says Hello!

Jackson all tucked in!


Jackson loves to sit on top of my office chair. From there, he can be close to me AND see what’s going on below.


Now its Miss Shelby’s turn to soak up the sun!


Last but not least, Mr Jackson was in the mood to take some awesome pics last night!

Until next time, bark and meow on!

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