Adorable Furbabies, February Week 3

Good afternoon everyone! I’ve got tons of pics to share with you. We have pool pictures, Jackson playing with the puppies and more!

Jackson was hyper one morning and wanted to play with one of his toys (a BB-8 cat toy attached to a wand) and Shelby was very curious!

Then later that day, Shelby wanted to give Mr. Jackson kisses, while he was sleeping!


Miss Penny posing pretty for me


Shelby wanted to pose for me too!


I promised pool pictures and YES! Got pictures of Jazzy playing in the pool. It was a gorgeous sunny 84 degrees here on Sunday. You can tell she was having a BLAST!

Penny watched on from the side

And Shelby wanted to chew on sticks!

And last but not least, Miss Penny soaking up the sun!


Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

2 comments on “Adorable Furbabies, February Week 3

  1. So adorable!! And so great that you can take out their pool already! That won’t happen here for months. Love all the pics!

  2. Oh they were having a very fun week indeed!!!
    Wow pool weather already!! All the babies look so cute! You got some really great shots!!! Can’t wait to see them in layouts!

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