Adorable Furbabies, March 2018

Good afternoon everyone! Been busy with work and finally able to upload some of super cute pics of the furbabies!

We’ve been enjoying some pleasant temps, and you know Miss Penny loves soaking up the sun!


The babies have been super sweet on each other lately.

They still think they are small enough to play in your lap. LOL

Shelby loves her kitty and he loves his puppy. Just look how cute they are playing with each other!

I visited my parents last week and managed to get a few pics of their pups – Jake, Genie and Ginger.

Shelby taking a selfie. Looks like she’s got the camera!


Jackson has been enjoying the warmer temps too.

Shelby sleeping. Just check out that pose. LOL. Hubby said she’s dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”! LOL

Jazzy just chewing on a stick, in the yard.

Jackson hanging out in his favorite tree.

The girls played in the leaves on Saturday morning

Jazzy sniffing the cool air.

Sweet girls!

Miss Penny soaking up the sun!

Girls were napping on Monday morning and just look how much bigger Jasmine is. She isn’t even stretched out!

And last but not least, the girls checking out the branches hubby cut from the tree.

Until next time, bark and meow on!

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