Doggie DNA

Yes, you read right. Doggie DNA. Hubby and I did DNA tests for all 3 of our girls. We used Wisdom Panel, and we saw it during the Puppy Bowl in early February. Each kit costs $85 and you get 2 swabs. You have to make sure your dog hasn’t eaten anything for at least 2 hours, then swab the inside of their cheeks, activate the kit and send them in! Takes about 2-3 wks to get the results. The DNA shows breeds and a percentage of each. It will compile a Pedigree chart of your dog, who they think their parents are, grandparents and great great grandparents.

Penny Lane:



They predict she’s American Staffordshire Terrier, Chow Chow, Dalmation and 37.5% mixed breed.
They break it down in the results even further and tell you traits that your dog might have – including appearance. We do see the American Staffordshire Terrier in her for sure, in the stocky build.


They even test for a drug sensitivity mutation and the exercise-induced collapse gene, which Penny is clear on both.

When we adopted Jasmine and Shelby from the Humane Society, they told us they were “lab mixes”. Sure, they look like labs and ACT like labs. But some of their features, as they get older, are a bit different from the Labs we’ve had in the past (including Ruby and Bear). Jasmine has a “curl” at the end of her tail, and labs usually don’t show that. She’s also taller than most labs, and the results are…

Jasmine Grace:



Lab and Great Pyranese! Kind of explains alot!

Pedigree Chart:


They also test for the MDR1 Drug Sensitivity gene and Jasmine carries one of the mutated genes. She’s spade, so we don’t have to worry about her passing it along to anyone, but she does have a 50/50 chance on being sensitive to certain drugs. She is clear on the exercise-induced collapse mutant gene, so that’s good news!


Last but not least, Shelby’s. As litter mates, we had some “expectations”. Same breeds AND same lineage. However, that is not the case. We forgot that a female dog can get impregnated by multiple male dogs (a multi-sire litter is the product). And yep, that is exactly what happened here!



Shelby has the Lab and Great Pyranese with the Chow Chow, but she also has a tiny bit of Chihuahua (LOL!) and Japanese Shiba Inu, with only 25% Mixed Breed. Shelby is a bit shorter (height and length wise) compared to Jasmine and she does have a “squishy” face. Not as prominent as when she was little, but she can make it wrinkle!

Unfortunately, this DNA tests does not tell us which is paternal and which is maternal, so their charts are a little off


This information helps us out, by knowing how big the babies will be getting (and what to expect), the reason why Penny is still shy, but most importantly, Jazzy’s drug sensitivity.

TFL! 🙂

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