Adorable Furbabies, May 19th

Good morning everyone! The furbabies have been staying inside more, now that its starting to heat up here. They are STILL having fun though!

Jasmine and Shelby were playing tug of war with an alien toy, which was Jeffrey’s. Not anymore. Stuffing everywhere!

Mr. Jackson looking quite serious


Miss Penny is serious too!


Jasmine says HI!


And Shelby says “What’s up?!”

Jackson is starting to snuggle with Shelby now, during naptime. Its so sweet!


Shelby loves taking her morning selfies!


Begging for carrot sticks! And yes, they got some. Crunch, crunch, crunch!


No matter how big they get, they still love to share the same dog bed. (P.S. This was Jeffrey’s bed)


Miss Penny chewing on a Nylabone underneath the large tree in the back yard:

Hubby was late coming home one day, so Penny waited for him


And last but not least, Mr. Jackson was playing with the blinds. It almost looks like in the 2nd photo he’s saying “Ummm, excuse me, can I have some privacy here?” LOL

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

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