Adorable Furbabies, August 29th

Good afternoon everyone! I have a few pics to share of the fur kids today.

Jasmine enjoying sunning herself:

Jackson found himself a lizard and was trying to make “friends” by rubbing himself against it

Thurdsay we had the a/c tech for our Summer Checkup. I put the girls in my office and Shelby popped her head to say HI!


While in my scrap room, the girls were posing very sweetly (you wonder what they are up to, huh?)


Jackson watching the girls run around the yard from the top of the fence


While watching a show on Animal Planet, Shelby stopped playing to watch the doggie run


Sunday was National Dog Day. Love my girls!


Before I go, today is a day of rememberance for DH and I. 3 years ago, we lost our sweet baby Bear to DJD and 8 years ago, we lost my childhood kitty Princess. Its crazy how they both passed on the same day as they were also best friends. Princess would snuggle with Bear on cold days and Bear would give Princess kisses. Even as Bear was crossing over, DH bent down, kissed her head and whispered, “Your kitty is waiting for you”. Sweetest thing ever!

So in honor of both Princess and Bear, here are a couple of pics of them snuggling on the bed. These are from 2009

TFL! 🙂

One comment on “Adorable Furbabies, August 29th

  1. Such adorable pics Brandy! The camera really loves your babies! And many ((hugs)) for today’s remembrance of sweet Bear and Princess.

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