Adorable Furbabies, Oct 17th

Hello everyone! No time long see! Things continue to stay busy for me in every aspect of my life. I take pics of the furkids, just sometimes don’t have the time to share with everyone. This post will be a long one. šŸ˜‰

A few weeks ago, we caught Jackson being super silly, playing with a dog bed. LOL.

Miss Penny had her annual exam and shots 2 weeks ago. Penny Lane gets super nervous when we go to the vet. Actually car rides frighten her. With the help of our vet, we are being more Proactive vs Reactive. A few years ago, it started with adding a calming collar she wears daily. Then calming ointment/spray. Last year it was calming chews daily. Now, she also gets CBD OIL. And boy did it help tremendously! She had no issues getting in the car nor did the car ride upset her. She still wasn’t a fan of getting out of the car and walking to the door, but once inside, she greeted the ladies at the front desk. She had no issues walking down the hallway to the exam room. She wasn’t happy when the tech had to check her vitals, but she didn’t even flinch when she got her shots. I can’t believe it! No whining, no shaking, nothing. Just chilling with some panting. When the vet came in, she was a little nervous, but settled down quickly. I was so proud of her!

When we came home, she and her siblings (including Jackson!) received a special treat — fro-yo!

Afterwards, I managed to get all three girls posing for me! These pics deserved to be FRAMED!

Miss Shelby being a Miss Squishy Face!

I worked late one night and all four of the furbabies waited patiently in my office.

Last weekend, both Penny and Jackson wanted ATTENTION!

I had my girls over for a scrappy weekend and Miss Shelby took NO TIME in saying HELLO to her favorite friend — Amanda!

And last but not least, as we were going to bed, Jackson and Shelby were napping together.

Until next time, bark and meow on! šŸ™‚

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