Adorable Furbabies, November 27th

Good afternoon everyone! The furkids have been really cute the last couple of weeks.

The floral bed in the photo below usually is near the window. But looks like Jazzy wanted it next to Shelby’s bed. They look real cute napping together.

Shelby was assisting me while I put clothes away. Look how she is holding her tennis ball! She never dropped it!

Jazzy was helping Daddy put a table together.

Penny got a new elevated dish this week. I’ve noticed that she is eating a bit slower and which her turning 7 years old earlier month, it might be easier for her with an elevated dish. Took her less than a day to get used to it.

The girls got their Barksgiving Dinner from The Dog Bakery! Cranberry stuffing, cornbread, Turkey pot pie, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes and 3 pumpkin cookies. Yummy!

My furbabies and I wish ya’ll a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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