Adorable Furbabies, May 2020

Good morning everyone! Pictures galore of the furkids! I might have to divide this up into two parts! Ha! Won’t be the first time!

The girls love playing with each other

Miss Shelby posing so nicely

Mr. Jackson is wondering who woke him up.

Looks like the girls are having a meeting!

We have had Penny get in Jackson’s bed. Now look at Shelby! LOL!

Jackson reclaimed his bed

When his bed doesn’t do it, its my scrap table. LOL

And Shelby isn’t too happy about kitty on mommy’s table

Who wants icecream?

Shelby loves her kitty!

The girls were helping me with laundry

Penny being silly in the yard

Jackson thinks he’s the boss! (P.S. He is!)

May 20th was National Rescue Dog Day! And the girls got ice cream and cookies from the Dog Bakery

Penny wants to see whatch doing!

The after breakfast party

Followed by the after scrapbooking party

Miss Penny being a pretty girl in the sunshine

Jazzy is quite proud of herself. She stole daddy’s chair!

Jackson up on the swing to better see the birds!

Little boy found a hole in the sheet! LOL.

Jackson likes to watch TV

Penny and Shelby sharing a dog bed while watchdoggin’

Shelby loves her little kitty brother

Last but not least, Shelby tucked herself in with her teddy bear.

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

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