Adorable Furbabies, December 3rd

Good morning everyone! Hope y’all are staying warm. My furbabies are, especially Miss Penny.

My furbabies have been SUPER cute lately!

A couple of weeks ago, my SD card got corrupt and wouldn’t format, so I bought a new one. My first 4 pics? My 4 furbabies of course! And they all chose to pose for me too!

I had ordered a Thanksgiving Pup Box from a local doggie bakery and pick up was Wednesday Nov 25th. Here’s the menu:

Cute, huh!?!? And you know they loved it! I just love how Jazzy is looking into Shelby’s bowl, like “Hey Sissy! Got anymore of that Thanksgiving dinner?” LOL.

Since we were hosting Thanksgiving, our day was started very early. We actually had 5 minutes to sit down before noon and the girls were being so sweet, we got pics of them all! Just look at those sweet faces! ❤ ❤

Tuesday morning we woke up to our first really cold day of the season – 34! We even had frost on the roof top. Luckily the sun was out all day and there was no wind, so it warmed up quickly. But before we got out of the 50’s, Miss Penny was wearing her hoodie. She loves it!

I bought a Doggie Advent Calendar from Sam’s and took pics of the girls checking it out. Not sure if I’ll get pics each day, but it’ll be fun to give them a mystery treat!

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

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