Adorable Furbabies, March 24th

Good afternoon everyone! The weather is warming up and the furkids are loving it! They are either sunning themselves or rolling around in the leaves.

Snapped a sweet picture of the Jasmine and Shelby.

Hubby was trying to fix my computer in my scrap room and the girls supervised.

Both Shelby and Jasmine staring at me to get what they want. Shelby wanted to go outside; Jasmine wanted love.

When the weather is nice, Shelby loves to run and chase after her tennis ball.

I had gone to Earthwise Pets last week to stock up on their fave snacks. They sure love those Crinkle Canines and Black & Whites!

While I was outside with my husband, Shelby and Penny were watching us from the front door.

And last but not least, my furbabies passed out in my scrap room. I guess I wore them out! 😉

Until next time, bark and meow on!

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