Adorable Furbabies, September 9th

Hello everyone! Just one more day, thing TGIF!

Last Friday night, Miss Shelby looked super adorable sleeping with her little lamb.

Hubby and I came out Saturday evening to have a beer and Mr. Jackson took hubby’s chair. And wouldn’t move! Haha!

We were in the guest bedroom cleaning up and left the door open so the pups could come and go. Shelby had to get on the bed with her little ducky.

I was already in bed when my husband took this sweet photo of Jackson sleeping next to me. He looks so cozy.

Miss Penny was trying to my attention (she wanted snacks) and you can’t tell but her tail was wagging really fast!

Jackson finds the tissue box very comfortable.

To hide from the birds and sun, Jackson found a nice shady spot with some cover.

Early photo of Shelby posing

And last but not least, the girls sharing a dog bed while chewing on bones. And I even caught them sharing a bone too!

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

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