Adorable Furbabies, November 16th

Hello everyone! We’ve had a crazy couple of weeks, but finally able to post new pics of the furbabies!

To start, we celebrate Miss Penny Lane! She turned 9 years old on November 8th. Got her a peanut butter 3-layer cookie cake from Earthwise Pets Center and some cotton candy ice cream. Yum! We celebrated on the 7th since its easier to celebrate on a weekend vs a week day.

On her birthday, I took a photo of her after breakfast. She is so pretty!

Jasmine posing sweetly with her zombie.

Penny came THIS.CLOSE to TWO squirrels at the base of the tree. So she sat and waited for them to come back down.

Shelby just relaxing in the yard.

Until next time, bark one!

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