Adorable Furbabies, September 14th

Good morning everyone! I’ve only got a few photos to share with you, but the bulk is from the GREAT job that Penny did at the vet last Friday!

Miss Penny had her annual wellness exam with shots today and she did GREAT! With the help of Kradle calming chews and CBD oil, she wasn’t scared or terrified at all. She will get in the car just fine, but then doesn’t want to get out, or won’t go thru the doors to the vet’s office. DH, in the past, has even had to pick her up and take her to the exam room. Once there, she’s usually in a tight little ball in the corner.

But this time, she never once whined or got upset while driving to the vet’s office.

She was a little hesitant in getting out of the car, but once out, she went thru BOTH doors and even gave the girl at the front desk a little tail wag.

She made it down the hallway, and into the exam room just fine. Still not a fan of getting poked and prodded, but who is?!

While waiting for the Dr, she was even comfortable enough to hop up on the bench they have in the exam room. She has NEVER EVER done this!

All of her bloodwork came back negative for all the things, all of her tests were good and she is in excellent health!

Once done, and I go up to the desk to pay, she is usually very nervous, and hides behind me. This time, she sat next to me, with her back towards the desk, watching the people in front of her. She did very well with the other pups in the waiting room and even let one of the ladies pet her!

She was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready to go home though!!

Later on that evening, she was passed out after such a long day. I love her little tongue sticking out.

On Saturday, I had my 3 nephews over. Once they left, the girls took a long nap. Those boys wore them out!

And last but not least, I caught Penny and Shelby sharing a bed together. This doesn’t happen very often. Usually its Shelby and Jasmine that are together.

Until next time, bark on! 🙂

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