Adorable Furbabies, February 16th

Hello everyone!

Last week, Feb 10th, Shelby Lynn and Jasmine Grace turned SIX years old!

They enjoyed snacks from Earthwise Pets; Ben & Jerry Doggie Ice Cream from PetCo and toys from

Jackson loves his Temptations so much he didn’t even let me pour them out onto a plate for him!

The girls got a special Valentine’s box from The Dog Bakery. A teddy bear, a small carob cake, some beef jerky, a heart shaped cookie and some oatmeal bones. I added another toy – a mama kangaroo with her baby in her pouch – from

They also got some yummy carob ice cream! Miss Penny was there to clean out the container!

It was a beautiful warm day too, on Valentine’s Day. So the girls got to soak up some rays!

And last but not least, Mr. Jackson has found a special place he loves to nap outside. An old chair!

Until next time, bark and meow on!

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