Adorable Furbabies, April 11th

Good morning everyone! Today is National Pet Day and you know how much I love my babies!

Look at those sweet sisters! ❤ ❤

A couple of weeks ago, our local no-kill kitty shelter had a fundraiser. Donate any amount and submit a photo of your pet. Dog, cat, bird, fish, etc. Anything under $30, anybody in their office would draw your pet. Anything above, and one of their staff who are artists would draw your pet. I submitted a photo of Jackson and just CHECK out the beautiful portrait!

The girls got lots of fun things for Easter. A carrot cake from The Dog Bakery, new toys, including a new interactive puzzle toy that I found at Hobby Lobby! Imagine that!

Jasmine really enjoyed the puzzle and I wasn’t sure if it would be too hard for her, because of her eye problems, but that didn’t slow her down at all. It was great seeing her get into it and do well.

Check ou that yummy cake!

And last but not least, check out Jasmine’s sweet smile!

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

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