Adorable Furbabies, March 2018 Week3

Good afternoon everyone! My furbabies sure have been enjoying the spring-like temps, especially chewing on branches!

Mr. Jackson looks so regal by the Generator:


Missy Penny checking out the new (partial) back fence. She had scraped her nose earlier in the week from the older one, so we decided to replace it before any other furbaby could get hurt. I think she approves it!

Penny says HI!

Inside, Jazzy loves getting attention from her daddy!

Jackson loves to sleep cozily in his little bed


Shelby says HI!


Jazzy has alot to say! She wants you scratch her chest

Shelby wants to say HI again!


Jasmine and Shelby having some quiet time together.


And last but not least, Miss Shelby taking another selfie!


Until next time, bark and meow on!

A few kitty pages

I’ve been working on some Jackson pages the past week and I’d like to share those with you all. All are A Cherry On Top Challenges as well.

Life is purrrrfect: PhotoPlay pattern papers, Studio Calico arrow
Challenge: Rewind (Feb Title Challenge – use the title “Life is….”)

Life is purrrfect

Love is a four legged word: Creative Imaginations background paper. Other pattern papers and die cuts are Bella Blvd. Doodlebug doily and Little B washi tape
Challenge: Rewind (Feb Choose Your Elements) and March Guest Designer Challenge #1 (use dimension for clustered embellishments)

Love is a four-legged word

MEOW: Everything is Doodlebug
Challenges: Rewind (Feb Die Cut Challenge – use large title) and March Pattern Paper Challenge (use 5+ pattern papers. I used 6)


My name is Jackson…hear me RAWR! All papers, alphas, arrow/chevrons and “you’re awesome” sticker is from Basic Grey. Enamel dots (Doodlebug), kitty and fish stickers (WRMKs), kitty kibble sticker and washi tape (The Paper Studio)
Challenge: Rewind (Feb Manufacturer Challenge. Use a manufacturer that you LOVE. I LOVE Basic Grey!)

My name is Jackson

TFL! 🙂

“Memories” Wall Hanging

Who uses Pinterest? I do, and ALOT. I’ve got TONS of boards pinned. From scrapbooking and crafts, to food and home decor. I have so much pinned that I tend to forget to TRY something. Whether its a new craft or idea for a scrapbook page, to a new recipe.

So I had this wall hanging decor item pinned to one of my craft boards for several months and I thought to myself “I can make this!”. I even printed it out and saved it to try. Months went by and last week I finally said “Let’s DO this!”. I wanted a new way to display some sweet photos of Jeffrey.

To give credit where credit is due, the wall hanging decor was created by DT Debbie Sherman from Clear Scraps. You can check out the original blog post here.

I went to Hobby Lobby last Thursday and picked up my materials: wooden wall hanging, twine (looks like jute), acrylic paint and mini clothespins.


I was going to sand, stain and then put 2-3 coats of paint on it, but changed my mind as I thought the rustic look would go well with the Jeffrey photos I had chosen. Especially the ones of him outside. I decided to sand down only the really rough spots, skip the staining and only went with one coat of acrylic paint. Once dried, I really loved how it looked!


I didn’t have an actual stencil that spelled out the word “Memories”, so I used my Cricut to cut one out. I had to use 2 coats of white acrylic paint to achieve the look I wanted.


Once that dried, I stapled the twine to the back of the wood.


I even painted the mini clothespins in white. I had to let those dry before attaching my photos.


I really love how this came out! And the beauty of the clothespins..I CAN change out the photos. Easily. Quickly and as frequently as I want.

TFL! 🙂

Doggie DNA

Yes, you read right. Doggie DNA. Hubby and I did DNA tests for all 3 of our girls. We used Wisdom Panel, and we saw it during the Puppy Bowl in early February. Each kit costs $85 and you get 2 swabs. You have to make sure your dog hasn’t eaten anything for at least 2 hours, then swab the inside of their cheeks, activate the kit and send them in! Takes about 2-3 wks to get the results. The DNA shows breeds and a percentage of each. It will compile a Pedigree chart of your dog, who they think their parents are, grandparents and great great grandparents.

Penny Lane:



They predict she’s American Staffordshire Terrier, Chow Chow, Dalmation and 37.5% mixed breed.
They break it down in the results even further and tell you traits that your dog might have – including appearance. We do see the American Staffordshire Terrier in her for sure, in the stocky build.


They even test for a drug sensitivity mutation and the exercise-induced collapse gene, which Penny is clear on both.

When we adopted Jasmine and Shelby from the Humane Society, they told us they were “lab mixes”. Sure, they look like labs and ACT like labs. But some of their features, as they get older, are a bit different from the Labs we’ve had in the past (including Ruby and Bear). Jasmine has a “curl” at the end of her tail, and labs usually don’t show that. She’s also taller than most labs, and the results are…

Jasmine Grace:



Lab and Great Pyranese! Kind of explains alot!

Pedigree Chart:


They also test for the MDR1 Drug Sensitivity gene and Jasmine carries one of the mutated genes. She’s spade, so we don’t have to worry about her passing it along to anyone, but she does have a 50/50 chance on being sensitive to certain drugs. She is clear on the exercise-induced collapse mutant gene, so that’s good news!


Last but not least, Shelby’s. As litter mates, we had some “expectations”. Same breeds AND same lineage. However, that is not the case. We forgot that a female dog can get impregnated by multiple male dogs (a multi-sire litter is the product). And yep, that is exactly what happened here!



Shelby has the Lab and Great Pyranese with the Chow Chow, but she also has a tiny bit of Chihuahua (LOL!) and Japanese Shiba Inu, with only 25% Mixed Breed. Shelby is a bit shorter (height and length wise) compared to Jasmine and she does have a “squishy” face. Not as prominent as when she was little, but she can make it wrinkle!

Unfortunately, this DNA tests does not tell us which is paternal and which is maternal, so their charts are a little off


This information helps us out, by knowing how big the babies will be getting (and what to expect), the reason why Penny is still shy, but most importantly, Jazzy’s drug sensitivity.

TFL! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies, March 2018

Good afternoon everyone! Been busy with work and finally able to upload some of super cute pics of the furbabies!

We’ve been enjoying some pleasant temps, and you know Miss Penny loves soaking up the sun!


The babies have been super sweet on each other lately.

They still think they are small enough to play in your lap. LOL

Shelby loves her kitty and he loves his puppy. Just look how cute they are playing with each other!

I visited my parents last week and managed to get a few pics of their pups – Jake, Genie and Ginger.

Shelby taking a selfie. Looks like she’s got the camera!


Jackson has been enjoying the warmer temps too.

Shelby sleeping. Just check out that pose. LOL. Hubby said she’s dancing to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”! LOL

Jazzy just chewing on a stick, in the yard.

Jackson hanging out in his favorite tree.

The girls played in the leaves on Saturday morning

Jazzy sniffing the cool air.

Sweet girls!

Miss Penny soaking up the sun!

Girls were napping on Monday morning and just look how much bigger Jasmine is. She isn’t even stretched out!

And last but not least, the girls checking out the branches hubby cut from the tree.

Until next time, bark and meow on!

No bones about it….

I Love You. Mr. Jefffrey, that is!

There's no bones about it...

Jeffrey loved his bones and loved being outside more. He also loved to hoard them, as you can see in the pictures. LOL…he was such a cute little guy.

I used mostly Doodlebug ‘Puppy Love’ collection, with alphas from Basic Grey and WRMKs Sew Easy Circle.


I used tags to fulfull the February “My Mood” challenge at ACOT (must use at least 3 tags and they must be different sizes).  This layout is an example for my March Pet challenge too. Scrap your pet outdoors and add a bit of green to your layout.

Its also based on the Becky Fleck Sketch challenge at ACOT, running until Feb 28th.


I rotated counter-clockwise to better suit my pics and just playing around with the layers.

TFL! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies, February Week 4

Good afternoon everyone! My furbabies have been really cute this week! But who’s surprised!

Jasmine loves to snuggle with a toy at nap time


In honor of Internation Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day on Feb 23rd, I bought some pumpkin flavored dog biscuits for the girls. They were huge and they devoured them in no time!

Later on, Penny found a warm spot in the yard, where the sun was shining right on her!


And Jackson was soaking up the rays from the porch swing


The girls had some playtime in on our bed on Sunday

All eyes were on me while I ate a bagel


On Monday, Penny stopped chewing to pose for me


And last but not least, Jazzy loves her Daddy! ❤ ❤

Until next time, bark and meow on!

Adorable Furbabies, February Week 3

Good afternoon everyone! I’ve got tons of pics to share with you. We have pool pictures, Jackson playing with the puppies and more!

Jackson was hyper one morning and wanted to play with one of his toys (a BB-8 cat toy attached to a wand) and Shelby was very curious!

Then later that day, Shelby wanted to give Mr. Jackson kisses, while he was sleeping!


Miss Penny posing pretty for me


Shelby wanted to pose for me too!


I promised pool pictures and YES! Got pictures of Jazzy playing in the pool. It was a gorgeous sunny 84 degrees here on Sunday. You can tell she was having a BLAST!

Penny watched on from the side

And Shelby wanted to chew on sticks!

And last but not least, Miss Penny soaking up the sun!


Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies, February Week 2

Good afternoon everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day.

We will start off with pictures of Jasmine and Shelby’s Birthday Party, which was Saturdya, Feb 10th. I still can’t believe they are one year old!

I also start any doggie birthday with pics of them after breakfast. It took a while to get decent pics of the girls’ as they LOVE to play! But here they are!

I usually buy doggie fro-yo or Frosty Paws, but I’ve been wanting to make some pup-cakes and even bought a special pan!


I found a recipe online for Apple Cheddar Pup-Cakes and they looked AND smelled great!


When they had cooled enough for the doggies to eat, we sang Happy Birthday and tried to get everyone to sit but it was very chaotic. LOL. These were the BEST of 2 pics!

They received a very nice haul! Toys, treats and new leashes!


They really loved those bacon flavored “piggies”

But their FAVE was the big yellow rope!

While the pups played, Jackson looked on!


Even after a few hours went by, those girls were still playing with that rope!

And the rope made an appearance on Sunday too!


On Monday night, Shelby woke Jackson up, wanting him to play with her.

Today, the girls were so hyper this morning that they got their new bones/toys before 10am!


Those bones were a hit!

But the real winners (or losers!) was the ropes! LOL…..the girls are Double Trouble Shredders!

And while the girls played, Penny looked on. That face!


Until next time, bark and meown on! 🙂

My Furbaby

Hello everyone. This layout is based on the KaiserCraft challenge to use hexagons. I was going to use my Cricut to cut some out, but I re-discovered in my stash a stencil that has various shapes of hexagons. I used some brown mist to make my background and chose the “Pawfect” collection for my papers, die cuts and stickers.

My Fur Baby

Photo is of my sweet Ruby Mae back in the summer 2015.


After layering die cuts behind my photo and a few on top, I felt the hexagons needed “something” and decided to add more stickers and die cuts to each of them!


DSCN7416 (2)

TFL! 🙂