Adorable Furbabies, January 22nd

Good afternoon! I know its been a while – just been a very busy bee lately. I have just a few pictures to share with you but you won’t be disappointed!

Jackson looks so handsome sitting on top of my chair

Here he is sitting on top of the fence

The girls received their first Super Chewer Bark Box. The theme for January? Viking! Their favorite toy? The Dog-ness Monster.

And last but not least, Miss Penny Lane finally able to sun herself

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies, January 8th

Good morning everyone and Happy New Year! Hope the year is treating you well so far. This post will be mostly about Mr. Jackson as he has been hamming it up for the camera lately. 😉

Jackson received some really fun toys from his Aunt in New York. He really loves them!

The last weekend of 2018 brought colder temps, so that meant Jackson was INSIDE most of the time. And that means I was able to capture really sweet moments of him with his favorite doggie, Shelby!

I had bought Dog Wine (and Cat Wine) for the furkids for Christmas and felt that it was PERFECT for New Year’s Eve! Penny didn’t like it, Jasmine can care less but drank it anyways, but Shelby LOVED it! She finished everyone else’s wine. Haha….just like her momma! 🙂

On New Year’s Day, the pups got big beef bones. The bones kept them occupied for a couple of hours.

I tried giving Jackson some of his cat wine, but he gave me the ugliest look. LOL.

This past New Year’s was the BEST for Miss Penny. I feel bad for her that she gets so terrified of the fireworks. We have tried calming spray, ThunderShirt. She’s now on calming chews daily and wears a calming collar. This year though, on top of everything I mentioned above (minus the ThunderShirt), I gave her some CBD Oil made for dogs. Check out the photo below. That is Penny, chilling out, DURING Fireworks!

After the New Year, it was back to work for everyone, including me babysitting my nephew for about 12 hrs a day for a couple of days. He wore the pups out that night for sure!

Mr. Jackson napping as well in his bed.

And last but not least, Jackson saying “What’s up?” while sitting in a chair.

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

Top 10 Layouts of 2018

With the end of the year nearing, you tend to see the “TOP” whatever being posted for the year. This year, I’m posting my TOP TEN layouts that I’ve created this year. Usually its a hard task, but I’ve been busier this year than I normally am, so not as many layouts to choose from. But in no particular order, here are my Top 10 Layouts of 2018:

Magic of Winter

You are Purr-fect

Life is….


Be Merry

Furever Friends

Frisky Feline

I would do anything for a tennis ball

You’re the cat’s meow

Another Day in Paradise

I hope you enjoyed looking back at a creative 2018. Here’s to 2019! Let’s make it creative and fun!

Adorable Furbabies, December 26th

Good afternoon everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with loved ones. We all sure did, including the pups!

Last week, it was sunny outside and warming up, so Penny took advantage of the weather to sun herself

The furkids received a package from Missouri filled with treats and gift cards! They were really interested!

I took a break from wrapping gifts this weekend and both girls wanted their picture taken!

Since my BFF and SIL were working Christmas Eve, we celebrated Christmas on Sunday (Dec 23rd). After everyone left, the dogs were passed out cold!

We received a monogram mat for our porch as a Christmas present; however, Jackson has made it his own. LOL

The pups received their Christmas presents and stocking. They made out like bandits!

Jackson was out and about Christmas Day, so he got his stocking after breakfast today. He sure did love all the treats!

Until next time, bark and meow on!

Adorable Furbabies, Dec 19th

Good afternoon everyone! December is always a busy month for me so I don’t always have time to upload pics of the furkids to my blog. Besides work, I was babysitting my nephew for a week, the usual Christmas shopping/planning and hubby had his Company Christmas party out of town 2 weekends ago, too. With that said, I have quite a few pics to share with you all.

With us going out of town earlier this month, I got the girls new toys. Flamingos! They loved them!

Shelby LOVES looking at her kitty!

Mr. Jackson looking so regal

Hubby had to fix the dogs’ doggie door and he made the mistake in sitting on the floor! Ha! He was attacked by happy puppies!

Shelby loves her tennis ball so much, she sleeps with it!

Jackson checking out the Christmas tree. He was being good though!

And last but not least, Jasmine was receiving love and attention from my brother. Plus she stole his chair and he had to pay the Jazzy toll before she’d get out of the chair!

Until next time, bark and meow on. Meowy Woofmas!

Adorable Furbabies, December 4th

Good afternoon everyone!! Today’s post will be a short one.

Mr. Jackson watching the babies play and wrestle. He does NOT want any of that! 😉

We pre-ordered the iDig, from the makers of iFetch. It arrived on Friday and Shelby is getting a hang of it. I think she likes it! We even put one of my husband’s shirts in the bottom layer.

My girls have been posing nicely for me lately. So sweet!

And last but not least, all 3 girls playing together.

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

Dog Pool Layouts

Hello everyone. I had some time over the weekend to get 2 layouts done featuring pics that were taken over 3 years ago. Penny and Bella were playing in the pool. I used Echo Park “Splash” collection and even my SewEasy on the first layout.

Another Day in Paradise

Escape the Ordinary

TFL! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies, November 27th

Good afternoon everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My family and I did. The pups have been super cute just chilling and playing with toys.

First, here’s Jackson.

The pups got some treats, but Penny was the only who ate slow enough for me to take pics. LOL.

Miss Shelby sure does love posing for me. Check out that nose shot!

Miss Penny napping!

Shelby did some Black Friday shopping on

The pups got their RescueBox. Cute toys!

The girls playing tug of war with Daddy!

And last but not least, Jasmine relaxing on the couch.

Until next time, bark and meow on.

Cute & Adorable

Cute and Adorable – that’s how I’d describe my 2 girls Shelby and Jasmine. These two layouts were done in all Doodlebug, and the pics were taken by a very talented photographer friend. I promise you you’ll squeal with such joy and excitement when you see the pics!

Aren’t those pics adorable or what? I can’t believe they were THAT little JUST a year and a half ago!

TFL! 🙂