Adorable Furbabies – July, Week 4

Good afternoon everyone! I can’t believe July is almost over with! Crazy how time flies by. So who’s ready for some super-duper cuteness?!?!

My hubby and I have been binge-watching NCIS on NetFlix. We started about 2 months ago and now we just wrapped up Season 10! While we watch TV, the pups enjoy snoozing on their dog beds. Usually they do it separately, but every once in a while…you’ll find them sharing.


We woke up early one day last week and they were all soaking up the early morning sun:

20160724_083655   20160724_084121

And when its TOO HOT outside, they are inside:


This next picture kind of reminds me of #AdultingIsHard. LOL. Its almost like Penny said to herself “Nope, not today!”. LOL


And speaking of Miss Penny, she’s gonna turn into a Chunky Monkey soon! She’s the only one who LOVES (human) ice cream!

20160726_201540   20160726_201553

20160726_201608   20160726_201614


And last but not least, will you rub Ruby’s belly?!?!?


Until next time, bark on!

Adorable Furbabies, July Week One, Part Two

Hello everyone! I’m back with another furbaby post! Its been hot, Hot, HOT, here in South Texas and what a better way to cool off than  pool! The pups love it!






And when they aren’t in the pool, they roll around in the grass!



Lastly, Mr Jeffrey and his collection of bones. My husband calls this photo “the boneyard”



Until next week, bark on!

Adorable Furbabies, July Week 1, Part one

Good afternoon everyone! Hope ya’ll had a great Holiday weekend! I’ve taken so many doggie pics, need to break them up into 2 separate posts! LOL! So lets begin!

Every Tuesday morning, at 10am, Ruby goes to the vet to get her steroid injection shot. She’s a pro now.


And she’s been feeling REALLY good too!


Miss Penny is turning into a little “chunky monkey”


Mr Jeffrey looking so very handsome


We visited a friend last Thursday and they have doggies! Couldn’t help but snap a photo of them too! (Duke & Daisy)


Mr Jeffrey got a brand new collar that day. He’s looking good!

20160701_101838 20160701_101845

When Jeffrey isn’t hanging out outside, he’s chewing on his bones!


And sleeping on them too! LOL!


Saturday afternoon was a semi-lazy day with watching TV before heading over to a friend’s house for dinner. So Miss Ruby DEMANDED belly rubs and loving from her daddy!

20160702_134755 20160702_135208

20160702_135412 20160702_135514

And of course, Miss Penny had to get some pics too!

20160702_135701 20160702_135711

Enjoy and I’ll be back in a couple of day! Until then, bark on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies, June Week 4

Good afternoon everyone! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Can’t believe June will be ending in just a few short days. Time sure does fly! So who’s ready to see some cute pics? 🙂

I don’t get too many pics of Penny looking at the camera when we’re outside because she’s busy playing, looking for Squirrely, etc, but last week, I did! Look at that happy girl!


Later that day, Penny was being sweet with Ruby. Ruby wanted to play!

20160622_142753 20160622_142802 20160622_142813

Speaking of Ruby, she says HELLO!


And what kind of week would it be w/o cute pics of Mr Jeffrey?

20160624_082507-EFFECTS 20160624_082545

Saturday, we had friends over for movie day. Earlier that day, Jeffrey went with us to the grocery store. I stayed in the truck with him and we had a mini photo shoot:

20160625_125329 20160625_125620 20160625_130108

After everyone got settled in, Mr Jeffrey got cozy with mommy!


In between movies, we took mini breaks, got some snacks, chit chatted. After dinner (hot dogs!), Ruby Mae stole the show!

20160625_211048 20160625_211058

Rub my belly!


Before we were about to start Movie #3 (Puerto Ricans in Paris), Jeffrey stole Harley’s chair! But Harley didn’t mind!

20160625_211519 20160625_211526

Until next time, bark on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies, Week 3 June

Good morning everyone! I had my photos uploaded, ready to go, for Adorable Furbabies yesterday but hubby got home early and we visited a friend and ran some errands! So who’s ready to see some adorable pups while drinking your morning coffee?? 🙂

Penny and Jeffrey sharing a dog bed. They NEVER do that. I repeat. NEVER do that.

20160610_180107 20160610_181920

Tuesday morning Ruby had her checkup. She did great! Got her staples pulled, annual shots done on top of tests and her glucosomine steroid shot. She was quite happy too!


We did have a minor set back though. All those shots made her tummy yukky. 😦 So we went all day Wednesday w/o her eating, finally eating chicken/rice mixture a few times a day on Thursday (a cup at a time). Will someone rub her belly??


By Friday she was feeling even better! She ate about 1/2 of her usual amount at breakfast, with the rest of it around 3pm. I was so proud of her!


Before I go, its been soooo hot here, that my little guy doesn’t stay outside as long as he used to. So he’s inside with the girls:


Until next time, bark on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies, June Week 2

Good afternoon all and Happy Friday! Got lots of adorable pics of the furkids, starting with the ones that I/we (my friends) took over the weekend.

First up is Miss Ruby Mae. She met a new friend.


During the day on Sunday, Ruby claimed Amanda’s chair:

20160605_122230 20160605_122238

While Mr Jeffrey claimed our tables:


Surprisingly, Miss Penny Lane joined us and I caught her waking up, and realizing there was FOOD being made!

20160605_144822 20160605_144825 20160605_144828

Penny sure does love her sister Ruby Mae. They even slept the same way!

20160605_154102 20160605_154112

20160605_154145 20160605_154149

And before everybody started to leave, Ruby Mae posed with Amanda (she sure does love Amanda!)

20160605_180453 20160605_180501 20160605_180509

It was sunny and HOT this week and both of my girls love to soak up the sun:


When it got TOO hot, Ruby got silly:

20160608_134759 20160608_134803

And even Mr Jeffrey decided to chill out with us girls:

20160609_100846 20160609_100906

Until next time, bark on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies, Week 1, June

Good afternoon everyone! We’ve been very busy the past couple of weeks and over the Memorial Day weekend, Ruby Mae gave us quite the scare. I’ll come back to that.

With all the rains here in Texas, Jeffrey doesn’t want to see his Hedgehog get wet, so he brings it to bed.


We had sunny (and hot) temps Saturday, and Jeffrey was right out with my hubby. He loves power tools!

20160528_113137 20160528_113147 20160528_113327

Back to Ruby Mae. Ruby Mae woke up Sunday morning, struggling to walk. Her left back knee was swollen, with her not wanting to put pressure on her right side. She didn’t want to eat breakfast at her elevated dish, which I let her eat on a bed here in the office.  I gave her a Gabapentine to help with any pain she might be in, as well as help her sleep. She was eh all day Sunday. Monday was a bit better. That initial sit down and lie down; and the initial stand up and get going is what is rough on her. She still wants to play with Penn and Jeffrey. She is all about food/treats. She still wants to go outside. Her back legs sometimes cross at the wrong times (like when she is walking). However, she doesn’t fall, or trip. And she’s able to potty too.

So I called the vet Tuesday morning and we were able to get her in at 10:30.


He did xrays and it shows severe arthritis in the back hip/legs area. He had no other surgeries that day so we were able to get her in for the removal of the “lump” by 1pm.  She did great. That “lump” was just a fatty tissue. He’s sent her home with antibiotics for the wound; and anti-inflammatory for the swelling.



We had a pretty rough night that first night. The thunder/rain just didn’t stop. It was a rolling thunder and hail too. So it woke Ruby up. And of course Miss Penny. Didn’t get to bed until almost midnight. Up at 4:30am to find Ruby nudging us. Took her outside.  Luckily her bed was dry. Came in, back to bed. 5:30am rolled around and my hubby says “aaah..something is wet!”. Got up and saw that Ruby made it up on the bed from the ottoman! WTH!! You just had surgery dog! How did you do that?!?! As thankful as I am that she can MOVE….being up on OUR bed right after surgery is a no, no. So we moved the ottoman away from the bed..just until she’s better and can control her bladder more. I’m laughing about it now..just not at 5:30am. LOL.


What’s amazing is that she is already eating standing up at her elevated dish. She hasn’t done that since last Saturday!

20160601_070350 20160601_070404

Already wanting belly rubs:


Waiting for daddy to come home from work:


She did do something she isn’t supposed to. Get on the couch. We were all in the kitchen and it took less than a minute.


She kept her bed dry last night and slept 7.5 hrs. She’s able to go outside with the others, walk around a bit. She does tire easily….so she takes more breaks and stops frequently. But she’s doing great!

20160602_115616 20160602_115619 20160602_115627

Until next time, bark on!


Adorable Furbabies – May, Week 4

I should really rename the post for today as “Adorable Penny”, since ALL the pics I took this week have been of her! LOL!

Here she is begging for food. Its a bad habit, but can you say NO to those eyes?


I managed to scrap a couple of layouts late at night this week, and seeing momma scrap wears a pup out!

20160523_180526  20160523_180851

I told her to “sit pretty for momma”, and she DID!


20160526_133447 20160526_133450

And then, she got silly!


Until next time, bark on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies, May Weeks 2 & 3

Hello everyone! Boy, has it been a while or what! May is such a super busy month – with NSD the first Saturday, Mother’s Day, a few bday parties thrown into the mix! Whew! So lets start this post off with pics of all 3 doggies in a single shot! This happened twice!

20160505_172409 20160505_172430

20160506_163820 20160506_163823

I believe they were having meetings. What do you think?!?!

This is what they looked like after NSD. Momma wore them out scrapping all day!

20160507_192705 20160507_194241

On Mother’s Day, I had my parents and my brother and sister in law. They all brought their doggies!

20160508_164000 20160508_164016 20160508_164415 20160508_164433

Last week we had some really beautiful weather and boy did the pups enjoy it!

20160512_182226 20160512_182228

All of them played so hard that they passed out later on that day!

20160512_201018 20160513_130020

On Sunday, we went over to a friend’s house to celebrate her 29th birthday. They have a kitty named Boston and I just thought it was the funniest thing ever!

20160515_182047 20160515_182100

Talk about a Basket-Kitty!

Work started my week as super busy and Miss Ruby Mae was DEMANDING I rub that belly of hers!

20160517_160505 20160517_160512

Later on in the afternoon, she thought momma needed a break. And I did. So its selfie time!

20160517_160759-COLLAGE 20160517_161204 20160517_161225 20160517_161227

And to wrap the week up, we had thunderstorms come rolling thru late last night. Despite all the noise, we only got 0.05″ of rain! Anyways, Jeffrey was protecting Mr. Hedgehog:


Until next time, bark on! 🙂