Adorable Furbabies – May, Week One

Good afternoon everyone! We start this week’s Adorable Furbabies with a trip to the vet! But don’t worry, all is good. Mr. Jeffrey just needed his yearly exam and shots. He even got blood work done and his nails trimmed. He did great!


He did SOO good, we took him to PetCo!

20160430_103833 20160430_104023

Its been warm and sunny all week. Just down right beautiful! And that means the little critters are out and about! Squirrles, Birds and Cats! They sure are keeping Miss Penny entertained!

20160430_144003 20160503_085820

She’s in hiding, do you see her?


Last but not least, here’s a picture with all 3 of them! They weren’t looking at me, but I love the photo anyways!


Until next time, bark on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies – April, Week Four

Good afternoon all! This week, its mostly about Ruby Mae! She’s been feeling really good lately! Which I’m happy about, since she was so sad after she lost her sister. She’s perking up more each day!

Doggie selfie:


Can you see me?

20160422_164930 20160422_164937 20160422_164942 20160422_164945

Mr Jeffrey waiting for his picture to be taken:


Penny is FOCUSED!! She stayed like that for about 10 minutes. Waiting for Squirrely…


And last but not least, Mr Jeffrey waking up from his nap.


Until next time, bark on!

Adorable Furbabies – April, Week Three

Good morning everyone! My pups have been super cute (of course!) this week despite the thunderstorms that come rolling in during the afternoons.

Ruby Mae holding the “hedgehog” hostage. That is Jeffrey’s fave’t tell Jeffrey!


Penny being so sweet. Just look at her face!


Thundestorms hit us Monday afternoon, upsetting Penny for about 5 hours. She started off being super brave, hanging out on the couch:

20160418_142100 20160418_142301 20160418_142315 20160418_144210

Then we lost power for a little while, and thunder was super loud, causing her to freak out. So I grabbed those BlueTooth headphones to see if I could get her to calm down:


They seemed to work….but she was still wondering around. So I put her thunderShirt on, along with spraying it with some Calming Zone spray. That seemed to really do the trick:


She stayed like that for almost an hour. By 5pm (about 3 hrs after the thunder started), she seemed to be a bit better. Took off the headphones but left her ThunderShirt. Another hour went by and she FINALLY passed out!


OMGoodness, I always feel so bad for her because she gets sooo terrified. The others were fine though.

The next day, everything cleared out, and Jeffrey took some selfies:

20160419_114931 20160419_114956

What a ham he is! 🙂

Yesterday the sun came out – turning the day into a very pretty one! I let the pups go up front a little while. Miss Penny sure enjoyed that!


Until next time, bark on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies – April, Week 2

Hello and good afternoon! My pups have been showing off how cute they are!

First, Mr Jeffrey chewing on a bone.

While Jeffrey chewed on a bone, his sisters decided to eat dirt. Yes, you read right. EAT DIRT.

A once-in-a-lifetime shot of all three of them!


On Saturday, we had some loud thunder roll in. No rain, no storms. But just some thunder. Enough for Miss Penny to get really upset. We are doing an experiment with headphones. The bluetooth kind, wireless.

At first she was uncertain, but then she started to calm down.


And eventually, she fell asleep. She enjoys listening to Chris LeDoux. 🙂 For a pup, she’s got really great taste in music.

After a few minutes, and the sun came out, we took them off of her. She stayed asleep.


On Sunday, she was playing hide-go-seek. Can you see her?


While she was being silly, Jeffrey and Ruby were all smiles!

After a day of playing, Penny is now dog-tired!


Until next time, bark on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies – April, Week One

Good afternoon everyone! My pups have been real cutie pies lately, especially my li’l man, Mr. Jeffrey!

Here he is before bedtime. He brought his little toy hedgehog with him to bed one evening.


Miss Ruby was having a GREAT day and she was excited and happy. Caught her in mid-jump (and mid-bark too!)


Jeffrey was sooooooooo happy that Daddy was home last Friday afternoon that he just loved on him for a good ten minutes!

20160401_170903 20160401_171031 20160401_171048 20160401_171054 20160401_171133 20160401_171142

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day!


Ruby Mae was happy that Saturday was a good day too!

20160402_174157 20160402_174217

Last Sunday I scrapped for a little while and I had company on the twin bed:

20160403_164716 20160403_164833

And last but not least, Mr Jeffrey again. This time, hanging out under the rubber tree:

20160405_142334 20160405_142345

Until next time, bark on!

Adorable Furbabies – March Week Four

Good morning everyone! My pups have been enjoying the sunshine lately, and they had a wonderful Easter!

Here they are last week, soaking up the sun:

20160325_105037 20160325_105041 20160325_105059

And Ruby Mae, having fun rolling around in the grass, showing off that belly of hers!

20160325_105109 20160325_105112 20160325_105114 20160325_105116 20160325_105118 20160325_105121

We celebrated Easter at my parents’ house on Saturday because my sister in law had to work on Sunday. It worked out as my parents’ 3 puppies – Ginger, Jake, and Genie – turned ONE YEAR OLD 10 days ago. We were supposed to get together then, but the storms were bad, so we held off until Saturday.

Genie thinks she is a lap dog still. LOL.


After our Easter meal/dessert, we let the pups have doggie ice cream/cookies. My hubby and I bought new toys for the bday puppies, and they sure LOVED them!




Jake says HELLO!


Genie and Ginger playing tug of war:

20160326_185336 20160326_185346 20160326_185357

With us staying home and having a quiet Easter Sunday, it allowed me to get into my Scrap Room for some creative therapy. Here was my view from my scrappy table, Miss Penny Lane soaking up the sun:

20160327_142334 20160327_142343

The sun disappeared yesterday morning and Mr Jeffrey was a very sleepy boy, taking a power nap in the Office on Ruby’s bed:


But the sun made quite the appearance yesterday afternoon, and with my hubby working late, I got to do some more scrapping. Mr. Jeffrey parked himself on the spare twin bed. What a ham he is!

20160328_185213 20160328_185218 20160328_190231

Until next time, bark on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies – March Weeks 2 & 3

Good afternoon everyone! Been busy with work and enjoying the outdoors with all this beautiful weather. The doggies are doing the same thing!

20160314_122620 20160321_151226

Mr Jeffrey has been enjoying lots of RIDES! First, daddy was out of town, and we took him with us so I can drop my hubby off:

20160314_132904 20160314_132909 20160314_132913

Then when we were going to go pick up my hubby a few days later, I stopped off at the car wash first. Jeffrey didn’t know WHAT to think, but I think he liked it. He was such a good boy!

20160317_144213 20160317_14422020160317_144340 20160317_14434420160317_144754

And last but not least, Mr Jeffrey and Mommy selfies! ❤


Until next time, bark on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies – March, Week One, Part Two

Hello and welcome back to the second part of March, Week One – Adorable Furbabies! I took so many pics over the weekend, just had to break it up into parts.

We will start with Ruby Mae’s Birthday Photo. This sweet girl turned 11 yrs old on Sunday


I was trying to get some sweet pics of Ruby in the yard that day, by herself, but her little sissy decided to photo bomb her!

20160306_112922 20160306_112925 20160306_112933

We celebrated Jeffrey’s and Ruby’s birthdays together Sunday evening. They got some toys, lots of treats, a few bones and some doggie fro-yo. What a haul!


We sang Happy Birthday to both of them, but I think Ruby started missing Bear, as she kind of got a little sad and saulked while we gave them fro-yo and opend up presents. She was only interested in treats, no toys or bones.


Penny and Jeffrey, though, sure did enjoy those bones!

20160306_184226 20160306_184254 20160306_184308 20160306_184709 20160306_184813 20160306_184822 20160306_190304

Jeffrey wore himself out that night by passing out with his bone not too far away from him


And last but not least, this is my little dude ALL day long, EVERY DAY since Sunday:

20160307_142621 20160307_142932 20160307_142937

There is NO DOUBT he loves those bones!

Until next time, bark on!

Adorable Furbabies – March, Week One, Part One

Good afternoon! I’ve got LOTS of doggie pics to share with you. Figured I’d break it into two parts.

First, I was sick at the very end of February, and my doggies were great nurses!

20160227_163021 20160227_193433 20160227_193444

When they weren’t taking care of me, they were getting attention from daddy, like Miss Penny:

20160227_181543 20160227_181543-ANIMATION 20160227_181549 20160227_181603 20160227_181652

Last week was BEAUTIFUL! The sun was shining and we hit record highs TWICE! With that said, we broke out pool!

20160301_160647 20160301_160733

The temps were really nice Friday. So nice that we just hung out outside, taking pics:

20160302_094542 20160302_094839 20160302_094907 20160302_094919 20160302_095111 20160302_140251 20160302_144039 20160302_144042 20160302_144049 20160303_113744 20160303_113830 20160303_114256 20160304_113827

By the end of the day, they were back inside, waiting for daddy:

20160304_163956 20160304_164006

And last but not least, Mr Jeffrey James turned 12 years old this past Saturday!

20160305_081246 20160305_082810

I’ll be back in a day or so with more pics from the past weekend and today! But before I leave, Penny wants to know whatcha doing?


Bark on!!

Adorable Furbabies – February, Week 4

Good afternoon and Happy Friday everyone! My pups have been super cute (as always).

Here’s Ruby and Penny waiting for the trash truck to drive by:

20160222_075522 20160222_075528

My friend Susan surprised me and my babies with a package on Wednesday.


They found toys and treats in there!


Mr Jeffrey just LOVES that hedgehog!

20160225_103256 20160225_103302 20160226_101803

Later that afternoon, I wen to visit my parents and their doggies were wanting their pics taken:

20160224_161240 20160224_161246 20160224_161256 20160224_161323

I can’t believe Ginger, Genie, and Jake (the larger pups) will be one year old in a few weeks!

Yesterday, my hubby was eating lunch when Miss Penny was being very pushy, wanting daddy to give her a bite!


The sun is back out again, warming up the temps. The doggies seem to like it. Alot.

20160226_113212 20160226_113536 20160226_113540

And last but not least, my little guy, posing with his monkey.


Until next time, bark on!