Adorable Furbabies, December 2017, Week One

Good afternoon everyone! My furbabies have been having tons of fun the past several days.

Here’s the babies “refueling” after a full day of FUN!


Miss Shelby likes to hang out under my desk in my office.


Last week, they decided to tear into a very old (11 yrs old at least) crate bed.


I was getting ready for bed one night when Shelby popped her head up to say HI!


On a warm sunny day last week, Jasmine brought a toy outside and pulled the stuffing out, while Jackson watched.

Shelby being Shelby! LOL


We were w/out Internet for about 28 hrs and the babies had to stay in their room on Friday afternoon while the tech was here. They stayed busy with toys and bones.

Hubby was out of town for work for a few days, but came home on Friday night. Just look at the LOVE!

Mr. Jackson keeping me warm and cozy


And then he’s silly under his wedge.


Last Saturday, he had a vet appt for his shots. He did great, despite not being happy about going into his carrier


Later that evening, Shelby was curious as to what hubby was doing. Just look at that little face!


Sunday as I was putting away some clothes, the girls looked SO cute! Stair steps!


I did some scrapping on Sunday too. The girls stayed busy with toys and bones.

On Monday, Shelby was looking at me like “hey…why don’t you take a break from work already mom!”


Jackson is looking quite handsome! ❤


Later on that same day, Miss Shelby decided to pull stuffing out of her and Jazzy’s baby bed!

While Shelby was being silly, Penny got to lick the ice cream container clean! Yummy!

Smile big, Shelby!

Jazzy missed her daddy

Penny says no pictures!


I barely made the bed when Miss Shelby decided to claim it as her own!


Mr. Jackson watching us dry the babies off after coming from outside


Miss Penny isn’t happy that the rain hasn’t stopped and its cold outside. She’s my warm, summer sunshine girl!


I ordered new beds yesterday, taking advantage of PetCo’s Day 6 Deal (beds up to 60%). They came in today and just look at the babies checking them out and ultimately, napping on them!

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂

Adorable Furbabies, November 2017

Hello everyone. As you saw from my previous post, I’ve been MIA this month and things have finally calmed down as we grieve over our loss of our sweet boy. I managed to get a few pics of him before he fell ill, which those will be cherished always.

To start with, though, are pics of Shelby chewing on a toy, and ultimately pulling some fuzz out.

Jeffrey was put on new arthritic medicaiton and it was doing wonders for him!

Jackson sure does look like a KING up on that fence!

Right before Halloween, we ended up with all four doggies on their beds in the living room. It was super sweet

Found Jazzy chomping away on the grass, while laying in it!

Jackson LOVES hanging out with the babies!

For Halloween they all got treats and toys! Unfortunetly, Mr. Jeffrey didn’t want anything that day….

Later that day, they went to bed, on the same big doggie bed.

Shelby loves her kitty!

Speaking of Jackson, he loves to snuggle with me when I have a blanket.

Penny turned 5 years old November 8th. We didn’t get to celebrate until later (scroll down for party pics), but hubby let her lick the Chunky Monkey B&J’s container! What a treat!

Shelby wants to know what I’m doing!

With us saying goodbye to Mr. Jeffrey, Miss Penny Lane was extremely mopey for a few days and just looked super sad most of the day. It really broke our hearts

Jazzy is really enjoying sitting in daddy’s chair while he is at work. Just look at that face! ❤

Jazzy got the couch before Shelby did!

Shelby loves to give Jackson kisses, even when he’s in my lap!

Selfie time with Jazzy!

Found both pups napping on our bed one day!

Even Jackson likes to take selfies


The night before Thanksgiving, we decided to bring the babies into our room. Took a while to get them settled, but it was funny seeing Penny and Jackson watch them get ready for bed. LOL

Jazzy has her daddy pinned!

Since I was ill and recuperating for 3 weeks (with Thanksgiving in the middle of that time period), my parents, brother and sis in law brought Thanksgiving to us. We had some visitors!

The next day, Black Friday, we celebrated Miss Penny’s birthday. She enjoyed her dessert and snacks. Toys…eh..she let the babies have them! 😉

The babies are still using their elevated dishes like big girls!

By the 3rd night, the babies settled into bed like PROs!

With being the big girl in charge, Penny is exhausted!

Whenever my husband is sitting down in his chair, Jazzy will take that opportunity and jump in his lap for love!

Jazzy is a busy girl who loves ROPE toys!

Mr. Jackson is enjoying the new fence that was put in a couple of weeks ago:

Here’s Jazzy trying to get my attention!

Miss Penny soaking up the sun

And last but not least, Mr. Jackson bird-watching

Until next time, bark and meow on!

Adorable Furbabies – Oct 20th thru the 26th

Good morning everyone!! Who’s curious to see what my furbaby gang has been up to this week?!!?

Jackson found a branch with leaves and Shelby wanted to play too!

Penny is starting to come out of her shell and wants to be around the girls more, INCLUDING chewing on toys together!

While Penny chewed on toys, the babies looked on

Jeffrey has been put on some new arthritic medication and check this out! He’s on the couch! He hasn’t done that in MONTHS!

Miss Shelby says HI!

Speaking of Shelby, this past weekend she wanted to help momma unload the dishwasher!

Jeffrey was having such a GREAT weekend, he stopped for some selfies on Sunday!


While Jeffrey smiled for the camera, the babies were playing with toys. LOTS Of TOYS!

The girls stopped a little to take pics too, just not selfies!

After all that playtime and baby sitting, Penny threw in the towel and barely made it to the dog bed!

Until next time, bark and meow on!

Adorable Furbabies, Oct 14 thru Oct 19th

Good afternoon everyone! My “babies” are now considered BIG GIRLS now! They are now eating in elevated dishes! We started them on Sunday and they take to it like pros!

Shelby loves her daddy so much, she don’t care if he’s busy. She’ll just climb into his lap!

They were busy little puppies over the weekend. They tore into a toy and pulled out all the stuffing! They sure had fun! 😉

Little kitty takes the big dog bed while the 2 50 lb plus puppies sleep on the floor. LOL….

And last but not least, puppy smiles!

Until next time, bark and meow on!

Adorable Furbabies, Sept 22nd thru Oct 13th

Good morning everyone!! I have tons of photos to share with today, as I’m falling behind in sharing! So let’s get started!

Jasmine and Shelby are starting to really get into “hopping on our bed” when we are in there. Just look at those cutie pies!

When we had company a few weeks ago (aka Max and Bella), Jackson made himself scarce. So when they left, you can tell he was happy to be back home!

Shelby was happy too. She got to hang out with her favorite kitty!

Miss Penny was exhausted from Max and Bella’s visit. When they left, she could finally get some sleep!

I was able to get some scrapping in and saw this adorable moment. All four pups passed out in my room! So sweet!

Shelby being a cutie pie!

Jackson was outside, hanging out by the window and Shelby was watching him.

Jackson loves his tree!

The puppies are now coined “crazy monkey puppy babies” because they are constantly getting into things, breaking stuff and now….eating my house!

But just look at this sweet face! How could you be mad at li’l Jasmine?

Jeffrey got to go for a long car ride, to visit my grandparents. He loved it!

Afterwards, he passed out! Quickly!

Jasmine loves dirt! Just look at that face!

After the girls have breakfast, they have “quiet time”.

Last Friday, Penny had her well ness exam/shots. She usually freaks out and gets SUPER nervous about car rides, leaving the car, the vet, everything! So I had given her her calming chews a few minutes before leaving, on top of calming ointment on her nose, calming spray on her blanket/collar/leash and she wears a calming collar. Whew! She did great on the way over!

She got out of the car and just froze. Curled up into a ball and FROZE. Went from a 60 lb dog to an 80 lb dog. So I had to slowly drag her bit by bit to get her in the door. But by the time she saw Cindy at the front desk, all was good!

Little nervous in the exam room

But then calm after shots. She did great! Had to have a dental the following Tuesday

While I was gone, I had put the babies in their room and in 30 mins, they got out. Check out what they did to their gate!

What did I say? Crazy monkey puppy babies!

And get this! Hubby and I went to Home Depot to get stuff to build a more sturdier “gate” (its more like a half wall) and they tore up a book!

While hubby was working on it, check out these cute pics! Now who can be mad at these babies!

Even Jeffrey and Penny wanted to say HI!

Later, Jazzy got lovin’ from her daddy! ❤ ❤

More quiet time!

And last but not least, Penny’s dental. She was upset that she was going back to the vet so soon, but after we got her back home, just check out that pretty smile!

Until next time, bark and meow on!


Adorable Furbabies – Sept 14th thru 21st

Good morning everyone! TGIF!! Not sure how your week has been, but mine has been busy and long. But at least my furbabies help make it all better! 🙂

Mr. Jackson looks so handsome in his tree!

The babies taking a break from playtime

And now its back on! LOL

Jasmine takes time to smile for the camera

Last weekend was great! I got all 4 at the gate, watchdoggin’!

Miss Shelby getting hugs from her daddy! ❤ ❤

On Saturday, my brother and sis in law dropped off their doggies – Max and Bella – for a one week slumber party with my crew! Its been fun and crazy! LOL. Here are those highlights:

While Max and Bella took some time to pose for me, Jasmine and Shelby were fighting over a single tennis ball, which Jasmine enjoying shredding!

Miss Penny looking on

On Sunday, Rob got up and in 2 seconds, Miss Jasmine stole his seat! LOL!

Even Shelby was trying to tell sissy “Hey, that’s Daddy’s seat!”

So then she decided to get up on the chair next me! LOL

And last but not least, Mr. Jeffrey!

Until next time, bark and meow on!

Adorable Furbabies – September 2017

Good afternoon everyone! The furkids are being as cute as ever, so lets begin!

Mr. Jackson has been spending more time outside, enjoying the semi-cooler temps and less humidity!

The babies have been naughty and they can now jump over their gate, so hubby was working on getting that raised a bit higher. And they watched. LOL

Look at Shelby’s sweet smile!


Mr Jeffrey is all smiles too!


Even though they are 7 months old now, Jasmine and Shelby still lay close to each other. Its very sweet!

Miss Penny is keeping an eye on Jasmine, playing with a rope toy


Miss Shelby has to bring a toy to our bedroom when she goes in there. LOL. This time, it was a rope!

Shelby might be over 50 lbs now, but she still wants to climb in Daddy’s lap!

The babies have also been naughty! Pulling stuffing out of a doggie bed, playing in the litter box, and putting all their weight on their gate to knock it over!

Speaking of being over 50 lbs, Shelby also takes up alot of room on our bed too!

But just look at those sweet faces!

And last but not least, I managed to get all four dogs in one shot!


Until next time, bark and meow on!

Adorable Furbabies – August 16th thru the 31st

Good morning all! Seems like forever since I’ve posted. I had pictures ready to go last week, but due to Hurricane Harvey, things got put on hold. My heart goes out to all who are still dealing with him – flooding, no power, no water, etc. #StayTexasStrong

The puppies continue to grow – they are 50 lbs already! Yet still so very cute!

Shelby wants to know whatcha doing!

I brought out the elevated dishes, thinking they were ready. Not quite. They were very curious, but didn’t want to eat out of them. Plus, height-wise, they are about an inch too short. Maybe next month!

I love how they sleep together. Sisterly love! ❤

I took Jeffrey to the vet early in the week last week. He was very sluggish and very grouchy. A cyst growing near his gum line had grown larger and I was very concerned. He was scheduled for surgery the following day. He wasn’t a happy camper, as you can tell. We are waiting to see if cyst is benign or not. Lets hope so!

Speaking of Hurricane Harvey, Corpus Christi fared well, so to speak, compared to other cities/communities. We had branches down and only a part of our fence blown over. We were very lucky.

The babies helped with clean up

Mr. Jackson wasn’t very happy being stuck in the house during the storm. I’d rather have him MAD than MISSING. He also doesn’t look happy about his fence either.

Shelby’s been very needy and thinks she’s still a lap dog!

The puppies were happy to see the sun starting to come up.

We have a friend staying with us until his house gets power. Until then, the babies get extra love!

All 3 girls watchdoggin’. Its hard to tell, but it looks like they are all the same size too!

Last but not least, Shelby wants to thank all who are donating to help save the pets who have also been affected by Hurricane Harvey!

Until next time, bark and meow on!

Adorable Furbabies – August 4th thru 15th

Good afternoon all! The puppies are now 6 months old and getting so big!

Jasmine being very lady-like.

Mr. Jackson wants to scrap too!

The pups got baths last weekend and Jasmine does not look very happy!

Jackson and Shelby playing hide-n-seek

Rob was out of town earlier in the month, so he got quite the greeting when he rolled in Saturday night! The puppies sure did miss him!

Being a puppy is ruff!

Jackson loves his puppies!

I had to take sweet Jasmine to the vet last Tuesday as she greeted me with her eye all droopy.

I washed it out and it actually got worse, so the vet looked her over and it was all clear. However, he described that as her “third eye lid” popping out, and it does that when it needs to protect the actual eye itself. She must have gotten something in it and tried rubbing it, causing the eye to get irritated and the third eye lid to pop out. Very scary! But she was happy and all better on the way home

I did come home to a mess. Apparently Miss Shelby was mad that I took off with Sissy and left her behind.

Afterwards, while Jasmine napped, Shelby wouldn’t leave her side at all

Even Jackson knew Jasmine wasn’t feeling well and snuggled with her that night

By Friday though, she was all better!

The girls decided to play in the dirt this weekend!

Jackson posing with Jasmine

Jackson napping on Rob’s socks! Nice pillow, dude!

And last but not least, Shelby being crazy and playful right before bedtime!

Until next time, bark and meow on!

Adorable Furbabies – July 27th thru August 3rd

Good morning everyone! The furbabies have been SUPER cute this week!

Jasmine was playing with some toys and took a nap, waking up looking like this!

Here’s the babies getting ready for bed, including Jackson!

The babies wear Penny out so much, she sleeps in each morning

At almost 6 months old and almost 50 lbs, Shelby still thinks she’s a lap dog

These little sweeties just relaxing together

Found Jackson on the porch swing later that evening, just chilling.

Shelby is all smiles!

Naptime at Puppy School!

The grey bunny is a goner!

Its ruff being such a cute puppy

Hello Mr. Jeffrey!

enjoying some doggie fr0-yo!


Parallel Parked

Grandma and Grandpa got them new balls!

Jackson got the bed!

Want me to lick you?

All zonked out after a good chew!

And last but not least, sweet Jackson snuggled up next to li’l Jasmine!

Until next time, bark and meow on!