Week 10 in Review: Adorable Furbaby Birthdays!

Good afternoon all! My doggies had a fun week last week, with THREE doggie birthdays! Jeffrey turned 10 on March 5th. My dad rescued him 9 years ago from an abusive home and brought him home to us. Here’s his birthday picture taken on that day:


To celebrate Jeffrey’s birthday, I opened up a big, fresh bag of chewies!


Then, on Thursday, my beautiful labs turned 9 years old. Ruby and Bear were born on my grandparents farm and my dad hand picked them for me and brought them to my house when they were 8 wks old. Here are the birthday girls!



To celebrate their birthdays, we gave them some sausage treats by Merrick. I didn’t want to feed them too much, so I only opened two of them and sliced it into five pieces.


You can tell they know what’s up there!


Then, on Saturday, since both my husband and I were home, and the temps were starting to warm up before another front blew in, we held a Frosty Paws and Dog cookies birthday party. My dogs LOVE Frosty Paws. It comes in a pack of 4 and its perfect as Ruby, Bear, and Penny get a full one and Lady splits one with Jeffrey. The cookies are by Dognation that I got in the refridgerated section at PetCo. Oatmeal and Peanut Butter flavored. You bake them for 10 mins and let them cool and serve. My dogs LOVE them. For birthdays, I like to crumble the cookies into the ice cream.


Here they are waiting….patiently…



I couldn’t get a good shot of the birthday dogs eating their ice cream, but got one of Penny.


And after the Frosty Paws and Cookies are all gone, I get THIS look from Bear.


Gone? What do you mean gone? But I want MORE!!!

Hope you enjoyed these pics as much as I have. Until next Monday, bark on! 🙂