Layout: Best of Friends

Let’s Get Sketchy’s latest sketch offers so many possibilities, I know it’s going to be one of my faves! πŸ˜‰


And here is my layout – I pretty much stuck to the sketch:

Best of Friends (2)

The pattern paper on top is by Karen Foster, and I used some it to fussy-cut the tags out, making my own banner:


The background paper is by Paper House Productions and I love the heart and paw print that it let me put the date and the names of my furbabies on the page, without causing awkwardness or making it bulky:


The photo is of my four doggies in November 2012, just shortly after we got Penny. Just look at how little she was! Time sure does fly!

And the title – “Best of Friends” – was inspired by the Disney Challenge over at ACOT. We had to use a Disney song as our title, or use the lyrics on our project. The title is from a song in the movie “Fox & The Hound”.

The paw prints are by MAMBI and the small alphas are Cosmo Cricket.

TFL! πŸ™‚

Week 17 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

Good morning all! It was a very very hot weekend here in South Texas, as we broke records. A high of 103 but the heat index was even worse!

So we set up the pool for the doggies. And the moment I turned on that water, Bear was already splashing away!





Just look at that wet snout. And head! should have seen her belly. It was wet too!

While Bear was having a blast in the pool, Miss Penny was just chilling in the shade:


And to wrap up the week, I forgot to post a photo taken on Easter Sunday.


Yes, those are easter baskets filled with toys and treats. And yes…my furbabies are spoiled!

Have a great week and until next Monday, bark on! πŸ™‚

Layout: Right now…

On ACOT, there is a new challenge called “Right Now”. Basically you must scrap something that is happening RIGHT NOW. It can be what you’re interested in, or your kids are doing, or your pets. You also must use “RIGHT NOW” as part of your title, or in your journaling. Here is my layout:

Right now

Two days ago, my puppies were enjoying the great outdoors, soaking up the sun. And this sketch by Sketch-N-Scrap was PERFECT!


I fell in love with the design and the smaller photo placements, allowing me to get all the pics I had taken two days ago on the layout. AND…the space for a longer title was PERFECT too!

Here are some close-ups:



I also submitted this layout to ACOT’s Theme Challenge – SPRING! It can be anything – sports, outdoors, grass, holidays, flowers, etc. AND…speaking of flowers, you must use flowers as embellishments or in your paper. As you can see, I used a floral pattern paper in the middle.

All the products (except for the cardstock for my title – I used my Cricut cartridge “Cricut Alphabet”) are Bo Bunny “Ambrosia” collection.

TFL! πŸ™‚

Weeks 5 & 6: Adorable Furbabies!

I’m sure some of you noticed that I didn’t post Week 5 Adorable Furbabies last Monday. Reason? My camera croaked on me. I’ve had it for five years and its been so good to me. After looking at forums, FAQs, and changing settings, it still didn’t work properly. It was weird too, as I could take pics of my layouts, as long as it was dark in the room. But for the doggie pics, that’s a little hard to do, especially if they are doing something REALLY cute at that exact moment! Who has time to turn off the lights to take pictures? I sure don’t and my pups won’t “pause” their cuteness for me to do that either. LOL. I did however, get to take a couple of pics of them (in the dark). And they were of Miss Penny Lane.

Staying warm in front of the gas heater:


And with the lights off in the living room and I snapping practically blindly, here she is being a cutie:




She sure does love the camera! Or the camera loves her!

Anyways, my husband and I went over to Best Buy last Wednesday and looked at cameras. I wanted something I could slip in my pocket and I love Nikon’s Coolpix. My old one was a Nikon Coolpix and we saw a few I wanted but they were either (a) sold out and wouldn’t get anymore for at least 4-6 weeks or (b) just couldn’t afford it. So I got the Nikon Coolpix S6500. Its very similar to my old one, but it has greater photo quality, zooms in more, and other fun settings. So lets get started with some more doggie pics!

It was semi-cool outside last Friday, so I took some pics of the pups outside. Here is Lady:


And Bear:


And Penny (again!):


Tried getting pics of the others, but they came out really blurry. Still playing with settings on my new camera.

And last but not least, Penny inside chewing on a Nylabone.


Until next Monday, bark on!

Week 48 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with Family and Friends.

To start us off, Ruby and Penny decided one day last week that they would only play with their PINK toys:


I absolutely LOVE this picture. Got both of them looking at me, then their “pink” toys are all in a row. Smart doggies or what?


But the toy they both wanted? The pink elephant. And guess who won?


LOL! If you guessed Penny, you were right!

And to wrap up this week, Jeffrey was sitting at the Dining room table, just watching me in the kitchen. What a sweetheart!


Until next Monday, bark on!


Week 47 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

The doggies have had a fun and exciting week! Before that front blew in Friday morning, the doggies were enjoying the last few warm days:



But over the weekend, after being stuck inside due to rainy, windy 40 degree weather, Penny got bored of playing withΒ  her toys and decided to destroy one of them


She is SO fascinated with the stuffing!

My favorite photo, though, is of Jeffrey. Just look at that smile. Doesn’t that just melt your heart?


Until next Monday, bark on!

Week 46 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

This past week, we experienced all kind of weather. From warm and humid to temps down to the 40’s with winds gusting out of the North at 25 mph. With those cooler temps approaching us on Wednesday, last Tuesday I pulled out the doggie sweaters and hoodies to see what fits and who needs an upgrade!

Penny’s sweater fits her, but its a bit short.


So I had her try on a hand-me-down sweater from Bear and Ruby. This one is a tad big, but in a pinch, I believe it would keep her warm if we ever got below 30 degrees.


Jeffrey can’t stand sweaters or coats, but he does like his hoodie. And it still fits!


Ruby and Bear have matching hoodies. Ruby fits her, but Bear’s a tad snug.



Even my BFF’s dog, Trouble, wanted to try on a sweater. My mom left behind an old sweater of Kandie’s, so I put it on Trouble and it fits! LOL!


With Lady being an Alaskan Spitz, she won’tΒ  be needing a sweater and actually LOVES the cold weather. But I did manage to capture a picture of her yesterday afternoon. She looks so HAPPY!


Until next week, bark on! πŸ™‚

Week 45 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

This week’s pictures will be all about Penny Lane! One year ago last Friday, she came in our lives and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it. We threw her a Doggie Birthday party, filled with Frosty Paws and new toys!

Here she is on the morning of her birthday. I can’t believe how big she has gotten.


Knowing that Frosty Paws is sitting on the counter! Just look at her licking her lips. She’s ready!


Waiting sweetly and patiently:


Finally Mommy has given her her Frosty Paws. Enjoying every minute of it.


Posing with her new toys! A purple octopus and an extra large plush jack!



And last but not least, her posing with Mommy



Hope you enjoyed these! πŸ™‚

Week 44 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

Its Monday and I’ve got super cute pics of the doggies!!

First, my parents came to visit last Thursday and they brought Little Bit and Kandie with them. Kandie flat out refused to have her picture taken, but Mr. LB was a ham!


After all the picture taking of LB and Kandie, someone else decided to pose for me really pretty!!


After all the excitement was over and done with and my parents went back home, Bear took a nap with a toy (you can see it slightly under her neck).


And last but not least, Ruby was enjoying tummy rubs under the scrap table.


Hope you enjoyed this week’s pics!! TFL! πŸ™‚

Week 43 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

Good morning everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. My furbabies sure did!

Earlier in the week, I managed to get some pics of Penny in the recliner. Believe me when I say she NEVER does this! We have had her for almost a year and she doesn’t jump in the recliner. But last Monday, she did. And she looks happy and content with her decision, too.


This next one cracks me up. This what I woke up to Tuesday morning:


This is Ruby saying “FEED ME MOMMY!”. LOL!

The doggies get so excited when they see the mail man, and if they are lucky, they get to see him TWICE! Once on our side, then he goes further down and turns around a couple of minutes later to get to the other houses. Here is Bear watching, and waiting (patiently)


And as the mail man is at the house across the street, here comes Penny Lane:


Thanks for stopping by and come back next week when I’ll have MORE adorable furbaby pics! πŸ™‚