Weeks 28/29 in Review: In Memory of….

On July 11th, my husband, BFF, sister in law and I said goodbye to sweet Lady Lou.


Lady Lou was the sweetest, kindest dog anybody could ask for and I’m honored that she was in our lives for so many years.


Some of you remember that she lost alot of weight a month ago and her bloodwork came back just fine. The vet said to feed her more high-calorie foods. Then, on July 1st, she started to not eat her fave dog dishes. I made an appt to get her teeth cleaned on July 3rd and her teeth were so bad in the back, that they removed two of them, along with two in the front.

Recovery was slow at first, but after day five, on July 9th, she flat out refused food. Even chicken! She hadn’t taken medication for 48 hrs and I called the vet to get her in. She struggled that night into the next morning. She was not able to stand up by herself.

On July 10th, my BFF and I took her to the vet. She was extremely dehydrated and they immediately put her on fluids. They did bloodwork again to find she had a kidney infection. They put her on antibiotics. They were hopeful as she was lifting her head up and alert within 2 hours. They scheduled an ultrasound the next day to see what was going on with her liver – as her enzymes were high.

By the next morning, there was no change. I had already emotionally/mentally started saying goodby to her, as I looked over at the empty dog bed, knowing in my heart, that she wasn’t coming home. That day was so hard for me.

At 5:25pm, the vet called me with an update on the ultrasound. Its not looking good. At all. He has discovered cancer cells. Small intestine and liver. I knew what we needed to do.

The vet waited for my husband and I to get there, as I didn’t want Lady Lou to go thru this alone. If she was going to say goodbye, I wanted to be there.

We signed the papers and chose a beautiful rosewood box, since my BFF wanted her cremated. My husband took some final photos of Lady Lou, while we said goodbye. Its been 10 days, and those pictures are still hard to look at.

By 5:58pm on Friday, July 11th, Lady Lou was no longer in pain, nor was she suffering. She is on Rainbow Bridge where she can run and play with all the other lost furbabies.

This post has been very therapeutic and I hope you enjoy seeing the following pictures of our sweet Lady Lou.