My New Scrappy Room!!

I love this house! It has 3 rooms and a study. DH got the study, and we are using one of the bedrooms for us, with a 2nd room as the guest bedroom. 3rd room has TWO closets! And one had an outlet and a light switch! So guess what I did with that room? 🙂 It became my scrappy room!

So here is what the closets looked like when we got the keys:


After hours each week, trips to Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Wal-Mart for storage containers, screws, etc…along with unpacking 2 bins, 15 medium size boxes, 5 small boxes and 2 large totes….this is what I came up with:


Close-ups of the left closet:


Close-Ups of Right Closet:

I even got some wall decor put up too!



So what do ya’ll think? 🙂