Adorable Furbabies – April, Week Three

Good morning everyone! My pups have been super cute (of course!) this week despite the thunderstorms that come rolling in during the afternoons.

Ruby Mae holding the “hedgehog” hostage. That is Jeffrey’s fave’t tell Jeffrey!


Penny being so sweet. Just look at her face!


Thundestorms hit us Monday afternoon, upsetting Penny for about 5 hours. She started off being super brave, hanging out on the couch:

20160418_142100 20160418_142301 20160418_142315 20160418_144210

Then we lost power for a little while, and thunder was super loud, causing her to freak out. So I grabbed those BlueTooth headphones to see if I could get her to calm down:


They seemed to work….but she was still wondering around. So I put her thunderShirt on, along with spraying it with some Calming Zone spray. That seemed to really do the trick:


She stayed like that for almost an hour. By 5pm (about 3 hrs after the thunder started), she seemed to be a bit better. Took off the headphones but left her ThunderShirt. Another hour went by and she FINALLY passed out!


OMGoodness, I always feel so bad for her because she gets sooo terrified. The others were fine though.

The next day, everything cleared out, and Jeffrey took some selfies:

20160419_114931 20160419_114956

What a ham he is! 🙂

Yesterday the sun came out – turning the day into a very pretty one! I let the pups go up front a little while. Miss Penny sure enjoyed that!


Until next time, bark on! 🙂

Week 37 in Review: Adorable Furbabies!

Sorry I’m late posting this, as yesterday was a busy work day for me and today isn’t any better.

The pictures today will be about Miss Penny and my big girl Lady Bear. These were taken last weekend, as you’ll notice Penny wearing her ThunderShirt. We had major thunderstorms this weekend and she does not like the thunder. AT ALL! But she sure does look cute in her li’l shirt!


Penny 2

Penny 3

And when I was about to take Bear’s photo, Penny snuck in at the last minute. Kind of looks like Bear is saying “Hey!!  This is MY picture time!”


But I managed to get a better picture of Bear. She looks so happy!


Until next week, bark on! 🙂