Adorable Furbabies – April, Week One

Good afternoon everyone! My pups have been real cutie pies lately, especially my li’l man, Mr. Jeffrey!

Here he is before bedtime. He brought his little toy hedgehog with him to bed one evening.


Miss Ruby was having a GREAT day and she was excited and happy. Caught her in mid-jump (and mid-bark too!)


Jeffrey was sooooooooo happy that Daddy was home last Friday afternoon that he just loved on him for a good ten minutes!

20160401_170903 20160401_171031 20160401_171048 20160401_171054 20160401_171133 20160401_171142

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day!


Ruby Mae was happy that Saturday was a good day too!

20160402_174157 20160402_174217

Last Sunday I scrapped for a little while and I had company on the twin bed:

20160403_164716 20160403_164833

And last but not least, Mr Jeffrey again. This time, hanging out under the rubber tree:

20160405_142334 20160405_142345

Until next time, bark on!

One comment on “Adorable Furbabies – April, Week One

  1. Gorgeous pictures, so funny & adorable!!!! Dogs are the greatest animals on earth!!!! Ohhh wow you have rubber trees where you live??? I only saw it once in Turkey… I thouhgt it was so beautiful!!!!

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