Adorable Furbabies, June Week 2

Good afternoon all and Happy Friday! Got lots of adorable pics of the furkids, starting with the ones that I/we (my friends) took over the weekend.

First up is Miss Ruby Mae. She met a new friend.


During the day on Sunday, Ruby claimed Amanda’s chair:

20160605_122230 20160605_122238

While Mr Jeffrey claimed our tables:


Surprisingly, Miss Penny Lane joined us and I caught her waking up, and realizing there was FOOD being made!

20160605_144822 20160605_144825 20160605_144828

Penny sure does love her sister Ruby Mae. They even slept the same way!

20160605_154102 20160605_154112

20160605_154145 20160605_154149

And before everybody started to leave, Ruby Mae posed with Amanda (she sure does love Amanda!)

20160605_180453 20160605_180501 20160605_180509

It was sunny and HOT this week and both of my girls love to soak up the sun:


When it got TOO hot, Ruby got silly:

20160608_134759 20160608_134803

And even Mr Jeffrey decided to chill out with us girls:

20160609_100846 20160609_100906

Until next time, bark on! 🙂

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