Adorable Furbabies – October, Week One

Hello everyone! It has been a very busy week in “adorable furbabies” and we have a new furry addition too! But before we get to him, here’s a few pics from last weekend:


Miss Penny Lane had her wellness exam/shots on Saturday and again, she did great! All of her tests came back negative and she weighs 52.4 lbs! Healthy & Happy! 🙂

Ruby Mae continues to feel good! She’s loving enjoying the sun and rolling around her back, and being silly!

20160930_115943   20160930_120052

So…you remember that “new furry addition” I mentioned? Well..its not another puppy…but a baby kitty! And his name is Jackson!

When Ruby woke me up Tuesday morning, I took them out back like I always do. The moment I did that, all three RAN to the swing and started barking and going crazy. I was like what is going on?? Then I see something furry and something small ON TOP of the swing. I sent the dogs inside, shut the doggie door and grabbed a towel (in case he was injured or wet). I then grabbed the step ladder and managed to get a closer look. It was a little kitty!!! I managed to grab him and wrapped him in the towel. I checked him over and found no blood, no cuts and no bumps. I went inside and grabbed him some water. He didn’t want it. I put him in the bathroom while I ran to the store to get kitty food. Both dry and a few little cans, along with litterbox, scooper and kitty litter.

I managed to talk to some of my neighbors on my cul de sac and he didn’t belong to them. We think he might have came from the street behind us. Not sure as no one has claimed him.

He eats great, and already knows how to use his litter box. He is already attached to me – screams if he can’t see me. He hisses at the puppies if they come closer than a foot in front of him. Ruby Mae is doing the best – but I’m not surprised. She lived with a few kitties. And Jeffrey is cool with him too….he does get jealous, but he’s getting better. Penny is the one we have to be careful with. She still wants to “grab” at him. It’ll take some work with her..but its only been 48 hrs.

So without further ado…..say hello to Jackson!



20161004_125002  20161004_125008  20161004_171037

20161004_193716  20161004_193908

20161004_200004  20161004_220110

Isn’t he adorable?!?!?!

Until next time, bark and meow on! 🙂


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